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PE Proposal: Edward Scarka

This is from The Prodigy. I want to know why this page was never created. It was just released in the beginning of the month. Nevertheless, I will still give a proposal.

Who is Edward Scarka, and what has he done?

Edward Scarka is a vicious serial killer born to Hungarian parents. Before the film’s events, he has murdered nine women and cut off their hands as trophies. Before he could kill his 10th victim, Margaret St. James, she got away, and told the cops were Scarka was located, where they gunned him down.

Right after dying, Miles Blume was born, and Scarka’s soul possesses the baby. Within years, he takes control of Miles’ body, while Miles’ soul was used as a passenger. While possessing Miles, he kills (or at least severely injures) one of his fellow classmates with a pipe wrench, and kills the family dog. While put under hypnosis by Colm Feore, Scarka is in full control, revealing his past, and blackmails the doctor to taking medications (with an 8 year old body) and make it look like the doctor molested Miles. So the doctor gives Miles back to the parents. The parents decide to have Miles committed. While the dad, John, was driving Miles away with seat belts instead of being restrained, Scarka stabs him with sharpened hedge clippers, causing him to crash and go in a coma. So the mother, Sarah, makes the brilliant decision to drive Scarka/Miles to Margaret St. James so he can fulfill "unfinished business," despite the fact that unrepentant serial killers will continue killing.

So instead of going to a priest, Sarah goes to Margaret’s house, and attempts to kill her, but couldn’t go through with it, with Scarka busting in and butchers Margaret himself. He also tries to murder Sarah, and reveals that he disposed of Miles’ soul and has full control of his body. Sarah tries to kill him, but a farmer shoots her, and Scarka feigns innocence.

Final scene, Scarka in his innocent boy body is welcomed into a foster family, and he admires his foster mother’s hands. The final scene shows Scarka looking at his true self in the mirror.


He’s an unrepentant serial killer in a little boy’s body.

Mitigating factors:


Final verdict:

Yes, and 2 things:

1) Someone please create a page.

2) I actually paid to see this.

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PE Removal: Singe

Why is Singe from Power Rangers Dino Supercharge in Pure Evil? I have watched the series, read it's wiki, etc.. and he is nothing close. Singe doesn't have his own selfish goals and is completely loyal to Lord Arcanon without any ulterior or treacherous motives. And what did Singe do that is heinous by Power Rangers standards?

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PE Proposal: Cale Erendreich

What is the work?

Bad Samaritan is a 2018 horror-thriller film about two valets at a restaurant – Sean Falco and Derek Sandoval – who are also thieves in secrecy, using their clients' cars to stage break ins and stealing their valuables. After doing this a couple times, the two seem to hit the jackpot when a wealthy man named Cale Erendreich, played by David Tennant, stops at the restauraunt. But then everything goes horribly wrong when they make a discovery at his house…


Cale Erendreich at first appears to be a snobby, but otherwise normal, man who is loaded. Beneath that, however, Cale is a sociopathic lunatic who is obsessed with breaking people down and won’t stop until he had completely destroyed their lives.

What has he done?

At a young age, Cale’s father was someone who raised horses, and at some point in time, Cale became smitten by a trainer his father hired. He tried to impress her by breaking in a wild horse, but he only succeeded at killing it. When the trainer threatened to alert his father about what he had done, he killed her as well. And this is what led to him developing his ideology of breaking people.

When Sean first infiltrates Cale’s home, he discovers a black card that he didn’t activate yet. After calling to have it activated, Sean discovers a more fortified door and gradually opens it. To his shock, he discovers a woman bound and gagged in the room. The woman is identified as Katie Hopgood who was reported missing for a few weeks. After failing to free her, Sean promises that he would go for help. He tries to notify the police a few times to the house, but Cale – having become aware of Sean breaking into his house – uses one instance to remodel his house so that it seemed to be wholly normal. Of course, this is a ruse. Cale decides to take Katie to an isolated cabin in the woods a few states away, but as for Sean…he had bigger ideas.

Cale begins his plan by hacking into Sean’s Facebook account and wastes no time pretending to be him and ending Sean’s relationship with his girlfriend Riley Seabrook. To be even more of a dick? He uploads a risqué photo that Sean took of Riley and publishes it to Facebook as well. Riley is understandably outraged by this but decides to give Sean another chance. While walking away, she is attacked by a hooded Cale and savagely beaten and left for dead.

Cale later heads for Derek’s house and ambushes and kills him over the phone. Before murdering the rest of Derek’s family, Cale picks up Derek’s phone and Sean snaps a picture of him and sends it to the FBI.

Cale shovels some lye into a pit, intending of disposing of Katie. Sean arrives to the cabin only to be bashed repeatedly by Cale until losing consciousness. When he comes to, Cale forces Sean to watch him shoot Katie into the pit. It is then revealed that Katie wasn’t the first of Cale’s victims; whilst scrambling to get out, Katie uncovers several bodies. Cale explains his grand scheme to Sean that he’d frame him for Katie’s murder as well as the others and even if the FBI found holes in his story? He’s filthy stinking rich, so he’d go off scot-free. Unfortunately for him, Katie escapes the pit and lays a smack down on him. After being knocked senseless, Sean and Katie decide that it wasn’t enough, and they leave him bound and gagged in the same chair that he condemned Katie to.


So…he has an obsession with horses which he got because his father cared more for his prized horses than him, and also because he was rejected by the trainer. That’s it. I’d understand that he’d feel unloved because of that, but…that excuse does nothing to explain why he became such a psychopath. If anything, the conclusion of the event made Cale believe that he was ultimately the one who was the “decider,” and he made a philosophy around breaking people. He constantly spouts bullshit about “correction” as being one of his primary motivations, but he takes far too much enjoyment out of sadistically ruining people’s lives before ending them that it doesn’t hold up as it being “well-intentioned.”

As far as tormenting Sean goes…again, it is the very definition of disproportionate. What does he do when he finds his house broken into? He slowly takes his time to destroy everything in that person’s life by needlessly firing him from his job; costing him his girlfriend and then beating her to a bloody pulp; and then murdering his best friend despite the fact that Sean’s friend was not apart of the break in. Cale even admits that he could easily kill Sean, but instead, he’s deliberately deciding to screw with his life, and then bury him alive next to the person he tried to save. And with said woman he kidnapped, while he does give her food and allows her to bathe (in his preferred method of course), he is ultimately doing so to make her comply. When he found out that she knew about Sean? He revokes her of her meal privileges, and that’s not even getting into what he ultimately had planned for her.

Overall, Cale is nothing more than spite and Evil Is Petty at its finest.


Sets it unquestionably. While Sean and Derek are thieves, they are less heinous. They always ensure that the houses have no residents inside and they both have mitigating factors.



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Do villains labeled PE BEFORE the proposal rule was added need to go through the same process?

Back in 2015, I created a page for Sgorr, the villain of the xenofiction fantasy "Fire Bringer" and labeled him as PE. But now the PE has to approved in a discussion, should I revoke his status and put him in PE proposal?

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PE-Removal: Zateb Kazim

In the 2005 film Sahara, General Zateb Kazim was known for ruling half of Mali after overthrowing the Malian president and allowing a company to dump toxins into the Malian River for profit, even sanctioning a blockade against the U.N. to prevent them from finding out the source of the toxins. He is also aware of the fact that the toxins would spread out to the Atlantic Ocean if not contained, which would result worldwide pollution across the oceans, but didn't care as he still wanted to profit out of it. Now it may be quite clear that his actions are heinous enough to classify him as PE, but there is one scene that might suggest otherwise: following the rescue of Dr. Eva Rojas by Dirk and Al, Kazim was told of the event by the sole survivor who escaped the ambush that Dirk and Al caused resulting the deaths of five of Kazim's soldiers. As Kazim informed Massarde (the owner of the polluting company) of the ambush, the surviving soldier (who was sitting at that time) was wrecked with survivor's guilt and attempts to stand up to salute Kazim. However, Kazim calmly tells the soldier to sit down and recuperate from his trauma, showing some sympathy to the soldier by saying that he is a very brave man to survive the ambush and inform him of it. At the same time, Kazim voiced his frustration against Dirk and Al for killing his soldiers, furiously implying to Massarde that they were not amateurs and that they needed to be put down immediately.


It is highly unlikely for a PE villain to voice such sympathy, but given to this picture detailing the scene, it is unlikely for Kazim to become PE if he was willing to show a little sympathy toward his soldiers (especially the sole survivor of the ambush). So what would you think? Just give me your honest response on this.

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Re-PE Proposal: Frau Engel

Somehow somebody says there where sockpuppets involved, but nobody tell me an just cut it from that category even if it was 7-yes and 4-no. So I do it again if it's ok...

Frau Irene Engel is the secondary antagonist of the video game, Wolfenstein: The New Order and the main antagonist of the sequel, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus. She had a "boyfriend" in The New Order but I will explain how she can count and she is potrayed in The New Colossus.

Who is she?

Irene Engel was the second-in-command of Willhelm Strasse and was a psychotic woman.

What has she done?

She had done many many terrible things. She had the control over Ausschwitz and let her henchmen torture innocent people that are from other countries. She is even shown to presumbly kill a infant, because some of the innocent prisoners gave her his baby and she let her henchmen take it away, so very acceptable that the infant was brutally killed. She executes her prisoners in a very brutal and disturbing way. In The New Colossus she got even worse. She tortured BJ and his friend Caroline Becker. She knocks Becker down and is going to kill her but her daughter came in and don't want her to do it. Then Engel mocks her daughter of being fat and weak. She then forces her own daughter to commit murder and kill Becker, mentally tortures her. When she refuses to do it, Engel tells her it is going to have consequences. So Engel do it herself and behead Becker, which she manically laughs about.

Freudian Excuse? Mitigating factors?

Now there is a complicated thing. In The New Order she had a lover named Bubi, which she is seen really loving and freaks out after BJ kills him. But in The New Colossus it isn't a thing anymore and she seems to be over it. She not even wants to avenge his death, just avenge herself because BJ destroyed her face. Plus, that she is shown to be not caring or loving anyone anymore, not even her own daughter which she threats like garbage and abuses her. I say she is beyond that and way over the moral event horizon with her crimes and not showing love anymore, not even to the deceased Bubi.

Heinous standard

The Wolfenstein-franchise didn't have that many stand out or heinous villains. I don't even know if the old games are connected to The New Order and The New Colossus. But I think it's a reboot, because Caroline Becker was also in the Wolfenstein 2009 but died in that game and have a different story. The only villain that is also very heinous and gruesome, is Willhelm Strasse, who badly tortures and killed people and making gruesome experiments on them. But I think Engel is more unique compared to him and stand out in her own way. Like I said, leading an entire holocaust and killing an infant with no remorse.


I'm for "yes". What is your opinion on her?

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PE: Y'golonac

Been getting into some H. P. Lovecraft stuff lately. We all know about Nyarly already, so here's another eldritch abomination up for consideration.


Y'golonac is a Great Old One imprisoned behind a brick wall in unknown ruins. When he possesses a human host, he appears as an obese man with no head or neck, and mouths on the palms of his hands. Y'golonac is known as the "God of Depravity and Perversion" or "The Defiler." As such...he lives up to his name.

Y'golonac, much like Nyarly, has full understanding on human nature and takes an interest in them. His ultimate goal is to break out of his imprisonment so that he could rape and destroy all in his path. To this end, he searches for people who have extreme perversions oftentimes they would be led to read forbidden literature. Y'golonac 's name is written in a book entitled "The Revelations of Gla'aki." Upon reading his name, Y'golonac is summoned and he would ask the summoner to either be his next priest, or be devoured. He had done this several times, he would often reminiscence about it.

Y'golonac makes his first appearance in a short story where he brutally murders a bookseller, flays him, and wears his skin. Sometime later, he meets the protagonist of the story, Mr. Strutt, and he eats him as well after Strutt refuses to become his priest.

Heinous standard

He lacks the power scale that Nyarly has since Outer Gods are understandably more powerful. He sets out tempting people into committing atrocious sexual behaviors; sets up a cult to glut himself on; ultimately aims to destroy the world alongside the other Great Old Ones, etc.


Of course not.

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PE Proposal: Pirate Master

I want to make an effort post about the main antagonist of the 2014 video game, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse.


He is a undead and ruthless pirate and the former mentor of Risky Boots.


He attacked Sequin Land and killed serveal genies in the process. When he came back to life he wanted to start a genocide and revenge on Risky Boots, even if she don't have done anything to him. He even tortures her for no reason.


Yes, when he killed much innocent genies, and nobody ever killed anyone in the Shantae-franchise, and when he tortures Risky Boots and blackmailed Shantae that he will kill her if she decides to rescue the world, and if she would choose her, he would destroy the entire world, starting a genocide. He even causes that Risky Boots' henchmen get transformed into mindless monsters in a horrible way.


He uses all of his resources and super powers he had.


He was somewhat human before and now a undead creature, so yeah, he knows what is right and wrong.


He never shows that he is caring for his former apprentice Risky Boots and is not showing that he has something positive.


He does not care for anything. He don't have the problem to horribly torture his former apprentice Risky Boots and make her suffer for no reason. Even torturing and make experiments on her henchmen and show no care for them.


Alone his appearence is dark when he is onscreen, so sure!


He is clearly the worst villain Shantae has ever faced. Being the only villain who truly murders and tortures someone.


The Story is a cute and colorful plattformer, with some sexualised content, but most very harmless and lighthearted.

Conclusion: A big "Yes" for me!

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Deathspark | Villains Wiki

This article's content is marked as Mature. The page Deathspark contains mature content that may include coarse language, sexual reference, and/or violent graphic images which may be disturbing to some. Mature pages are recommended for those who are 18 years of age and older. If you are 18 years or other or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Evil-Doer Full Name : Logan Taylor Brunes Alias : Logan Brunes, Logan T. Brunes, Deathspark, The Black Ninja, Dark Mercenary Origin : Creepypasta Occupation : Mercenary, Secret Agent Powers/Skills : Superhuman Stealth, Superhuman Strength, Swordsmanship, Great Agility, High Stamina, Speed, Skilled Marksman, High Intelligence, Tracking Hobby : Killing Proxies. Attack and Kill the Slender Man. Get revenge on the Slender Man for murdered his girlfriend and his parents (Possibly). Goals : Kill Slender Man. Entered the forest to hunt down and kill proxies. Crimes : Mass murder, Torture, Stalking, Mutilation, Trespassing Type of Villain : Vengeful Mercenary "It's Show Time!" ~ Deathspark's catchphrase. "This time, I'll get you for this, it's payback that you kill my girlfriend and my parents, now i'm going to kill you, you faceless freak!" ~ Deathspark confronts The Slender Man. Logan Taylor Brunes, also known as Deathspark, is the titular main protagonist of the Creepypasta of the same name from the original story who was created by MarshjrdPO22. He is a cheerful, richful, delighted, and satisfying sercet agent or mercenary who loves spending alots of his moneys from the cashes to have his fantastic white house, achololics, attractive hot women, or anything that he haves his famous parties and celebrations, he especially falls in love with his desirable girlfriend who named Kyile, she was the most beautiful, Intelligent, and benevolent kind of all he wants with his whole life, although he is not insane but rather he enjoys his greatest celebrations of the party with his girlfriend and other people allowing them enjoying parties around on his fabulous pool, after the party was over, they went into the forest to discovering pages behind the trees, they were actually been stalking by The Slender Man who comes nearly torwards kyile, and kills her immediately without any reasonable when he starts panicking and runs away from the forest in his danger, he will occasionally seeking his fought revenge on Slender Man for murdering his girlfriend and his parents who were also been murdered by proxies, however, he enters the forest to hunt down and kill Slender Man, or even proxies, as they're truely arch-nemesis. Appearance : Deathspark appears wearing black or brown mercenary ninja clothing suit with brown holester bags between on his shoulders and leather wide belt, he haves brown sparkle shape in his right chest in his black suit, he wears a black ninja mask on his head with white eye holes, he haves either one or two katanas and two pistols on the back or waist down from his brown leathery holsters. Personality : Deathspark is generally sociopathic, selfish, egotistical, arrogantly, weathly, and rebellious mercenary that will possible to kill Slender Man for revenge after murdered his girlfriend, or his parents who were been murdered by proxies as well, he is very tragically anger when his girlfriend was been killed by The Slender Man during at night of the forest who were discovering the pages into the woods, he was able to escaped from the forest without getting killed when he rans into his home to find his parents, but his parents were actually being killed by proxies aftered relaxing on their sofas, he was sorrowful and frustrated, his parents that have absolutes been murdered by proxies, later, he went into his hidden door in paneled walls of his sercet agent lab, wearing a black ninja mercenary suit who chosen his superior codename known as Deathspark and becaming a mercenary to taking down and terrorized proxies, and getting his revenge on Slender Man for killing his girlfriend, as he prepares to chopped off the victim's head off and other limbs of the victim's apart by wielding with his katana, or aiming with two pistols who shoots automatically brutal way his victims, he does sorts of his heroic deeds though not generally evil, he attempts trying to stop people from drying insane and bringing back their sanity. Powers and Abilities : • Superhuman Stealth : Possessing his superhuman stealth, Deathspark bares swearing sneaks into behind the bushes or on top of the trees waiting for the proxies coming at him and ready for his surprise attack of his victims. • Superhuman Strength : Possessing his superhuman strength in his heavy ninja suit, Deathspark is quite strong, brave, and powerful to defeat and kill againset the Slender Man and proxies, he bares using his strength to rip Slender Man's tentacles off in half, he can barely lifted the proxy's neck up with one hand and throws at another proxies, but does not have to rip aparts as he willing don't have to. • Great Agility : As having highest levels with his powerful agility, Deathspark use his great supernatural agility who moves swiftly or dodge quickly, and mostly can jump higher as possible their attacks, he eventually dodges from the slender man's tentacles attack and others who can dodge any from their attacks as well. • Speed : Deathspark runs much more faster whom possessed with his ability who events fasting and chopping its victim's head off or there body parts and limbs. • Swordsmanship : As he practices with his swordsman techniques and training skills with his katana, he technically learns wielding with his katana who immediately strikes down the victim way point through its physical means • High Stamina : • Skilled Marksman : • Tracking : Deathspark has a tracking skills as well, as he was spying were the Slender Man is at the forest whenever he's spot in it, he will attack and kill the Slender Man on sight with his katana to slice aparts of the victim. • Intelligence : Gallery : Trivia : • He intended wears a black mercenary ninja suit which is quite very simliar to Snake eyes from the G.I Joe franchises, and Deathstroke from the DC comics. • He has seriously anger, tragic, and issues around with his enemy, The Slender Man, he went into the forest with his girlfriend before she got killed as willing them to make no choice. • Like other Creepypastas, Deathspark is the only person who saves to protect people from the danger, however, he was a actually recuser for his good reason that he doesn't want to kill innocent people for coincidence. • It does not have to be creepy, but much darker and more sinister, he really tortures and kills proxies after they killed his parents. External Links : Deathspark - Heroes Wiki Deathspark - Creepypasta Wikia Wiki Categories : Creepypasta Villains, Slenderverse Villains, Mercenaries, Male, On & Off, Ninjas, Assassin, Mature, Vengeful, One-Man Army, Tragic, Vigilante, Brutes, Chaotic Neutral, In Love, Military, Arrogant, Figher, Wrathful, Torturer, Greedy, Weatlhy, Honorable, Obsessed, Delusional, Fallen Heroes, Prevents, Egotist, Grey Zone, Nihilists, Anti-Villain, Titular, Martial Artists, Mutilatiors, Protagonists, Successful, Scapegoat, Sadists, Stalkers, Nemesis, Psychopath, Dissociative, Evil vs. Evil, Homicidal, Protestive, Serial Killers, Archenemy, Horror Villains, Murderer, Karma Houdini, Redeemed, Internet Villains, Criminals, Affaby Evil
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Scroll Box for Quotes & Gallery Subpages

Hello everyone. I am proprosing that all of us should add both quotes & scroll/scroll box templates to every article's gallery subpage, that way it'd be useful & even enjoyable in a progessive way for viewers & readers alike. After I got permission from one admin AustinDR, I first experimented this idea on the Cartmanland's gallery subpage & it worked very well. Please voice your opinion on this yes/no topic.

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PE Proposal: Bobby Hayes

Got another candidate to bring cuz why not ^_^

[++'''What's the Work'''++]

RIPD is a 2013 American Fantasy buddy cop film that tells us the story of Nick Walker, a police who got shot to dead by his former partner. After he was killed, he then joined a police organization in the afterlife known as R.I.P.D. or better known as Rest In Piece Department and was assigned as a partner of another obnoxious veteran police officer from the Wild West known as Roy Pulsipher and together, they try to protect the living world from arrogant, malevolent, bloodthirsty evil spirits known as the Dead-O's

Now, our candidate here is unsurprisingly the former partner of Nick who shot him in the back... His name? Meet Bobby Hayes everyone!

[++'''Who is He/What Has He Done'''++]

Okay, so Bobby Hayes here is actually a charismatic former partner of Nick in the Boston Police Force and when Nick was alive, both Bobby and Nick stole a gold during a raid on a drug dealer's hideout and both of them share the profit with each other and while Nick initially tries to hid the gold from his unsuspecting wife, he then decides to give it to the higher ups which resulted on Bobby getting pissed and in the next raid, he unsurprisingly betrays Nick and shoots him in the back so that Nick won't give the gold to the higher ups and keep the gold for himself.

After Nick's death, it turns out that Bobby was revealed to conspire with other creatures known as Dead-O's in order to gain several golds for his plan creating a dangerous artifact known as "Staff of Jericho". This would resulted on the flow of souls getting reversed and instead of getting passed to afterlife, they will stay on Earth.

Now, you might be thinking that this doesn't sound bad. But here's the thing, the majority of the souls in question are the Dead-O's which are the monsters who disguise themselves as humans and if their souls rots, the environments around them also rots due to their putrid stench. This would also resulted on TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.

When both Nick and Roy captured Bobby in his home, Bobby then took off his St. Christopher Medal that his grandmother gave him and reveals himself to be a powerful Dead-O whose stench ended up making his house decays and collapses around him. It was revealed that he intends to create Staff of Jericho so that he could stay in the Earth for his own amusement for lap dances and says that hell could kiss his ass.

After he and his buddies were captured by the RIPD, he ended up escaping along with his buddy thanks to the confiscated item that freezes the whole department and then going back to the city to assemble the Staff of Jericho along with his men which resulted on several blackholes being summoned and causes several buildings being destroyed thanks to said blackholes.

Due to the Staff of Jericho needing human sacrifice to activate it, he then orders his men to kidnap Nick's wife/widow, Julia, so that he could perform a human sacrifice on her by stabbing her in order to activate the Staff. During the final battle against Nick, Bobby then smash Nick's head repeatedly with a rock and taunting him that a human sacrifice for activating the staff doesn't necessarily to be Julia but he did so anyway because why not? Fortunately, Nick manages to get back and kill his evil partner once and for all.

[++'''Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors'''++]

None that given. While you could argue that he's a Well-Intentioned Extremist because he will try to activate the staff of Jericho so that his kind could roam on Earth, the issue is that he never had a close bond with his kind and mostly treats them at subordinate at best and at one point during the final battle, he has no issue using one of them as a HumanShield. That and he was also established as a bastard before by stealing the gold so that he could slake his own pleasure and I think his motivation is to stay on Earth so that he could enjoy his own life as long as he stays so yeah...

Oh and while the film is a comedy, Hayes is played pretty seriously btw and none of his actions are treated as a joke and it happens in the movie and has a lethal and nasty consequences in it so yep.

[++'''Heinous Standard'''++]

Attempts to end the world by trying to summon the legion of Dead-O's to Earth after creating Staff of Jericho, shoots your own partner to get the gold for yourself and then attempts to sacrifice your own partner's wife because why not? Yep! He sets it alright.

[++'''Final Verdict'''++]

Methinks a keep and you guys decide on his inclusion.

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PE Proposal: Ragear (Sheep and Wolves)

New proposal, this time for the antagonist of the 2016 animated Russian film , Sheep and Wolves.

Who is he? What does he do?

Ragear is a member of a wolf pack led by retiring leader Magda, and is rivals with the immature wolf Grey for who will become the new pack leader. Whereas the pack laws state that the wolves only kill what they need to eat, Ragear regularly flaunts these rules to kill other animals for sheer pleasure, including children. After Grey goes missing and ends up magically transformed into a sheep, Ragear is informed by Magda that he will never become the pack leader, as Magda knows that the pack will be doomed with Ragear in charge. Ragear then attacks Magda, but when he is initially overpowered, he resorts to underhanded means to murder Magda.

Taking control of the pack, Ragear learns that Grey is living among the sheep and, seeking an opportunity to get rid of his rival, blames the sheep village for Magda's death and sets them loose to slaughter the whole village, Grey included. After the sheep save the wolf pack from death, Ragear still commands that they kill the sheep, ultimately fighting Grey in a duel to the death. Ultimately, Grey is transformed back into a wolf, and Ragear is sent plunging to his death down a waterfall.

Mitigating factors?


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A new model for Villains' Template.

Recently, I finally finished my ultimate template that shall be used to replace the previous version of Villains' template that is more simple and easy to use. Of course, DarkUnknownWarrior helped me improve this one.

This template is even more complex and hardcore to new users or users who have no knowledge how to control templates but you may use the one I made for Date A Live villains as the base to create your own. You can alter the colors of the borders, the background, words, and the names of the characters and organizations (that is located in the top bar of the section) from where they came from, and of course, add photos to use as their icon.

You can see it in this link. I blocked the template for security as it will be used as the base for all other templates.

Date A Live Villains
Date A Live Villains Villains Wiki
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• 2/17/2019
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• 2/16/2019

Removal proposal: Alejandro Sosa

Alejandro Sosa isn’t actually that much heinous for Scarface’s standards.
He has basically committed the same crimes as Tony and taking place in a gangster Crapsack World, Sosa is pretty generic and what you would expect from a villain.
The most common argument i’ve heard to why he counts is that scene when he send Tony and his assassin to kill the journalist that is about to expose Sosa, and it turns out that his wife and kids is about to be killed in the process. However I find this argument somewhat weak because Sosa didn’t even know about the wife and kids and was never shown later to be aware of it afterwards. It even says on the PE criterias that atrocities that wasn’t on purpose can only qualify for a villain if they became aware of said atrocity - which Sosa never did. So the argument that he was willing to hurt children needs more support.
If Sosa openly admitted that he didn’t care about the children it would make difference, but he never did.
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• 2/16/2019

Pure Evil and Humor (Don't worry; this is a non heated post) :)

It seems that - despite humor technically being a disqualifying trait - some are funny yet pure evil. For example, the comedic sociopathy from the Sith Inquisitor Darth Nox. Can any admin explain that?

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• 2/14/2019

Why did the Evil Genius category had to be deleted?

I know it was merged with Mastermind category, but to be honest I thought that was a pretty dumb move since not all Evil Geniuses are Masterminds (but all Masterminds are Evil Geniuses), and this has lead to the Mastermind category being heavily abused. A Mastermind is specifically someone who orchastrates advanced plans (be it on high or small scales.) While EG is just a highly intelligent villain, but does not specifically orchastrate plans, they might be skilled in another topic or just harder for the villain to catch but still not hit the mastermind level.
I know it is too late to do anything about it, but I just wanted to give my thoughts on it.
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• 2/14/2019

Pure Evil Discussion- Edison Po

Despite only being in a few episodes of Agents Of Shield, I think it can be proven his evilness, he betrays, kills and tortures All the time and displays no feeling

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• 2/14/2019

Pure Evil Proposal- Cad Bane

I believe Cad Bane is pure evil, he has shown no care for anything or anyone, he will throw anyone under the bus if it means he can get paid, he has shown Zero loyalty to anyone, Fair enough and argument against could be because He saved Raako Hardeen, But lets be real ‘if you’re gonna kill him do it like a man’ to me means that he would then kill hardeen himself it Dooku didn’t throw him into a fight with Moralo Eval, What does everyone think ?

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• 2/14/2019

Pure Evil Proposal: God (Chick Tracts)

For whatever reason I've been reading a lot of Chick Tracts lately, mostly because of how unintentionally hilarious they are. For those who don't know, they're an uber-fundamentalist Christian propaganda comic series named after their author, the infamous Jack Chick. These comics preach really wonky lessons like porn causes people become gay or that Harry Potter books are a gateway to witchcraft.

Ironically, despite Chick Tracts being fundamentalist Christian propaganda that features rapists, demons and all sorts of evil stuff, God himself comes across as the most vile character in the comic, despite the author's intentions for him to be the "Big Good" of the setting.


Though Jack Chick attempts to portray God as an omnibenevolent being, he instead comes across as a narcissistic egotist vindictive towards anyone who doesn't accept him as his or her savior.

This version of God doesn't care whether you've spent your life performing good or bad deeds, only if you accept him as your savior. You can spend your life raping and killing people without remorse and repent and become Christian right before you die and you'll be saved, but if you spend your life doing good deeds yet don't follow every word of his teachings you'll be sent to Hell to suffer and burn for eternity.


Every time God sends someone to Hell to burn for eternity for trivial reasons (like playing Dungeons and Dragons) could count as this, but there are some that really stand out as needlessly cruel.

In the tract "Flight 144", an elderly Christian couple who and spent 50 years of their lives helping out people in Africa get sent to Hell by God simply because they made no attempt to convert any of the people they helped out to Christianity. Even though they followed Christianity ardently and dedicated their lives to helping others, God condemns them to eternal torture essentially out of spite for not getting others to worship him.

In a different not-as-heinous-but-still-pretty-vile action, God sends a man to Hell after making him suffer in Purgatory for 1000 years because he loved his friends more than Him and didn't repent until after he died. Even though the man attempted to repent to God after dying and being faced with him God still sends him to Hell.


The tracts attempt to portray this version of God as being on a higher level of morality that humanity cannot comprehend, but really he just comes off as a vindictive and spiteful narcissist who sees any action that doesn't completely conform to his will as an affront against himself punishable by being made to suffer forever.


The comic attempts to depict this version of God as being an ultimately good entity but that's... not what it comes off as. Any religious person who believes in an all-loving creator would find this version of God an affront to the God they believe in. Hell, even someone who believes in a "fire-and-brimstone" God might think this God is a bit too much.


In one comic, God laments having to send someone who repented after he died (but not before) to Hell, but it's seems hypocritical due to the fact that he's GOD and he's omnipotent. He's the one who set up the rules on how to get into Heaven and yet even though he claims to hate sending people to Hell, he isn't willing to make the requirements to get in any more lenient. Him stating that just makes him seem self-righteous


Now Chick Tracts is a series that features blood-sucking vampires and baby-sacrificing demon worshippers, but sending people to suffer for eternity for petty things like reading Harry Potter books really comes off as worse than any of that. This God is basically the bastard child of Light Yagami and Zamasu and who multiplies all of his parents' worse traits by 100. He's far more vile than even the Tracts' version of Satan and completely fails to line up with the all-loving God revered by most religions.


I'm not going to lie, I'm partly proposing him because I think it would be funny to see the supposedly "omni-benevolent" God espoused by these propaganda comics to be listed as "Pure Evil", but this version of God really does do a lot of heinous and horrible stuff that makes him an easy fit among even the most heinous of villains, and his supposedly "good" qualities are only expressed by him and never actually appear in comic.

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