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• 3/11/2019

Should Porky Minch be considered Pure Evil?

I looked at Porky Minch's history and I'm beginning to think he fits the criteria of pure evil

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• 3/11/2019

Danzo Shimura

Ah yes, this guy. The one Naruto villain that, without a doubt, gets the most hate and with good intention too. I wanted to make this proposal for awhile now but never really got around it until now so it's best I get to it.


Danzo Shimura, what can you say about him? Well, a lot things actually. Ever since day one, he's always been an envious man who strongly disliked his companion, Hiruzen Sarutobi and when Hiruzen became the third Hokage, this jealously only grew further into hatred. He was also a very shady person, hiding secrets from not just Hiruzen but to others in the village, only keeping things to himself and those that were part of Root.

He's one of those villains that believe they're doing the right thing, but none of his actions come across noble nor benefit anything, ultimately making him look like a delusional ass. In reality, he's just someone that wants to become Hokage so he can gain control of the village and essentially become a tyrant.


Danzo is responsible for a lot things that caused problems for a lot of major characters. He's the one who tricked Hanzo into believing that the Akatsuki were killing his people, which led to the death of Yahiko, Nagato losing his sanity and reforming the Akatsuki as a terrorist organization. After that, he ends up betraying Hanzo after forming an alliance with him from that incident.

He's the one who falsely accused the Uchiha Clan as a whole being responsible for the Kyuubi attack (in reality it was only Obito who caused this) and as a result, he forced Itachi to either kill the whole clan or let the Uchiha coup happen. He also prevented Shisui from stopping the Uchiha coup by stealing his eye, as he wanted to do things his way and was concerned that Shisui was planning to manipulate him as well. Had he not done this, this whole Uchiha problem could have been completely avoided.

He's also (indirectly in this case) responsible for transforming Kabuto into a terrorist by brainwashing his adoptive mother into killing him, which led him enter in despair, especially when she didn't recognize who he was. Orochimaru picked him up after Danzo told him get rid of any survivors.

Oh yeah, speaking of which, he's been secretly working with Orochimaru, who at this point has already grown power hungry and become a terrorist, performing his illegal experiments on humans. Danzo knew all about this, but chose to keep it as a secret since Orochimaru was providing him Hashirama Cells, which later allowed him to control the many Sharingans he stole from the Uchiha clan slaughter, as well as give him Wood Release.

He also killed the frog messenger that would brought the message to Naruto that Nagato was attacking the village. Had he not done this, many lives would have not been lost, the village would have not been destroyed and Naruto would have not went into his Kurama berserk form which would have been game over right there.


At this point, I'd say he pretty much has.


For the most part, he's pretty capable of himself. Most of his resources such as Root, Orochimaru and Hanzo's alliance were the result of him manipulating people back and forth.


As mentioned, Danzo seems pretty delusional, so it's hard to say. He claims to be someone that wants to protect his village but a lot of his actions have only caused worse situations for not just Konoha but the whole Shinobi world.


Pretty much none. Even after his death, both the manga and anime end up making you hate the guy again when you find out he's responsible for Yahiko's death and Kabuto's transition into a villai.


Pretty much none. He talks about how much he wants to save and protect the village but his actions clearly tell that he ultimately cares about himself and his position in power.


A lot of these actions are major events that occur on screen, so yes, you do see them happen.


I'd say he's one of the worst. I mean, at least villains like Madara, Obito and Nagato went through some tragic events and used to be genuine good people that had great intentions. Hell, even Kaguya was someone who went through some tragic times, being betrayed by her lover who tried to kill her and all that. Danzo however never had any intentions nor experienced any form of loss or tragedy. He was always a jealous man hating on Sarutobi, as he was always favored upon more.

Overall, quite a hateful bastard we got going here. What do you think?

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• 3/10/2019

Removal: Ardyn Izunia

Even though the article outright contradicts this, I'm going to make this proposal anyways.

According to this article at least, Ardyn was a once good man who only became the very thing he swore to destroy out of regret and vengeance. Despite becoming a sinister and manipulative villain, he still had sign of good in him. He cares about his brother, despite their relationship being damaged over the years and he still cares for/loves his financée Aera to this day, cherishing her genuinely.

I should repeat that I'm only going by what the article says as I have little knowledge on Ardyn (or Final Fantasy in general for that matter) so if you know anything more about him, feel free to add in the discussion, but based on this, he seems to be one of those villains that still care for their loved ones and went through a tragic stage. So there you go. Sounds like he's not pure evil.

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• 3/9/2019

PE Proposal: Ghetsis (Pokémon)

I am proposing for this vile tyrant to be given the Pure Evil label and here’s why:

Henious Standards: Ghetsis is arguably one of the most evil villains in the entire Pokémon franchise (or even THE most evil) and has done way more evil acts than the average bad guy. Unlike most other villains who have a soft spot for Pokémon, Ghetsis has no feelings for them and only sees them as slaves, this is especially shown when his Hydreigon uses Frustration, a move that gets more powerful the more the Pokémon hates it’s trainer. Many of the other villains have at started off having good intentions became so obsessed they became corrupted, Ghetsis had pureky evil intentions right from the get go. He’s so evil even his own goons sometimes tries to settle him down before he does something terrible.

Moral Event Horizon: Ghetsis has crossed the Moreal Event Horizon many times, completely separating himself from any generic villain.

*For the entire of Pokémon Black and White he has been tricking N into ‘liberating Pokémon from their owners’ when all the time he was just using him so that he could have full control on Unova and have all people and Pokémon do his bidding.

*In Black and White 2 he uses Kyurem to freeze an entire town (and plans to freeze the rest of Unova), when the protagonist confronts him he attemps to kill him/her with Kyurem but is saved my N, He kidnapps N’s Reshiram/Zekrom and fuses him with Kyurem, after defeating Ghetsis, he throws a fit of rage and when N tries to settle things with him, hspe tells him to shut up, that he’s right and everybody else has no value but to be used, even the Shadow Triad teleport him away.

Moral Agency: Ghetsis is a greedy, selfish wanna be dictator who will do about anything to control the entire region of Unova and has no problem hurting or even killing anyone that tries to stop him. For a usually bright, colorful, kid-friendly series like Pokémon, Ghetsis is a diabolical monster.

No Redeeming Qualities: Ghetsis never shows any remorse for his evil actions, has never done or tries to do anything good, he dosen’t care about anybody exept himself, Ghetsis does not have any positive motive for his actions, in his view only evil exists.

No Sympathy: Through terrorizing innocent people, manipulating people into thinking he’s trying to save the Pokémon when he is not, or trying to kill a child he never shiws any hint of regret or sorrow.

That’s all I have to say. What would be your opinion on Ghetsis? If you have anything to add please do.

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• 3/9/2019
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• 3/9/2019

Dr Zomboss from plants vs zombies

He needs more contents
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• 3/8/2019

Pure Evil Proposal: Grimmel the Grisly

Here's a villain so dastardly, so egregious, and so diabolical that he might certainly count. Meet the Bigger Bad of the How to Train Your Dragon animated franchise, Grimmel the Grisly.


(Does the character have a define personality? Or is it a one-dimensional character such as a mindless destroying beast?)

Grimmel isn`t trying to commit genocide on dragons for no reason. He`s a sadistic and egotistical dragon poacher who wishes to hunt down all dragons because of his belief of humanity as the superior species. He`s also very delusional, as he thinks what he`s doing is right. However, it`s certainly not genuine, as he tries to kill Hiccup in his final moments.


(Does the character commit acts that are extremely heinous and unforgivable? Does the character stand out from the rest of the villains featured in the story they are part of?)

*Baseline Standard

**General Standard: Grimmel`s past being a generic genocidal poacher. He kills dragons for sport, and plus, while he chained Toothless and the Light Fury, he threatened the former to hold off all the other dragons or he kills the Light Fury whom Toothless loves. However, given his genocidal goals, it pretty much insinuates that he was going to kill the Light Fury anyway. Also, there`s something else that makes Grimmel even more scary. When Hiccup is in his house, he hears some rattling, and knows someone is there. The room Hiccup is in is very dark, with only the fire in the fireplace illuminating it. Then he hears Grimmel`s voice, and then Grimmel himself creepily shows up, attired in dark clothing. That scene is generally enough to make a *child* afraid.

**In-Story Standard: Grimmel passes it easily. While Drago Bludvist, the Big Bad of the franchise, makes it to Pure Evil status because he wants to control all dragons, tortured his Bewilderbeast until it was fully grown, indirectly brainwashing Toothless to kill Stoick the Vast, and using dragons and his human army to try to fulfill his quest in conquering the world, I think Grimmel also makes it to Pure Evil status, because of his wish to commit genocide on all dragons, giving Toothless a sadistic choice over the Light Fury`s life, and threatening Hiccup that if he doesn`t surrender Toothless, then he (Grimmel) will destroy everything he (Hiccup) loves. Also, while Drago uses true fear to control his dragons, Grimmel uses drug needles to control his dragons.

*System Standard: Okay, so after Drago`s death, the Warlords (Ragnar the Rock, Chaghatai Khan, and Griselda the Grievous) have taken over Drago`s army and hired Grimmel to capture Toothless so they can use the poor Night Fury to control the other dragons so they can conquer the world, but the Warlords are not Pure Evil because they are insufficiently heinous, as they have a take-over-the-world plot, but use generic methods to try to do so. However, Grimmel passes this as he is more calculating and cruel than they are, as he knew about the directions about how to succeed in his goals, and also drugged his Deathgrippers into obedience. Plus, he betrays the Warlords when he shows to them that he captured Toothless, but reveals that his true intentions were to kill him before committing genocide on all the other dragons as well. Griselda even calls him a snake for this.


(Has the villain crossed the Moral Event Horizon?)

Grimmel passes this several times.

*He killed a Night Fury in its sleep when he first met it instead of befriending it, and his tribe hailed him a hero. Because of this, he became very delusional into thinking that humans and dragons cannot co-exist, and that all dragons have to be wiped out from the world.

*He plotted to commit genocide on all dragons, starting with the Night Furies. The only reason why he didn`t kill Toothless is because he didn`t know the latter was sheltered with Hiccup.

*He drugged the Deathgrippers into obedience against their will using their own venom against them, knowing they are not immune to their own venom. How did he do this, you ask? He put the venomous drug needles into the collars he put on his Deathgrippers, which include *multiple* drug needles.

*He releases the Light Fury, but uses this to his advantage, as he sets up an unseen trap for Toothless and the Light Fury while they are introducing each other, but Hiccup was able to expose it. His trap was filled with poison darts which were made to drug dragons.

*He sneaks into Hiccup`s house when he is first seen, talking with his words echoing in the dark room they are in, and then he shows up. In the same scene, he also tranquilizes Fishlegs in a Toothless costume. Later, he has his Deathgrippers burn down Hiccup's house, threatening that is Toothless is not surrendered, then he will destroy everything Hiccup loves.

*He was annoyed by Ruffnut being obsessed with him, so he had her go on a large baby dragon to fly over to New Berk, and smiles sadistically when she leaves. He then uses her to track to where New Berk was so he and the Warlords` entire fleet can go there, and Ruffnut was so stupid in never looking back she didn`t even know Grimmel and the Warlords' fleet were following.

*He arrives at New Berk and chains both Toothless and the Light Fury, with the other dragons and their riders watching in fear. Grimmel gives Toothless a sadistic choice between calling the other dragons to help him and the Light Fury, and Grimmel kills the Light Fury, or he doesn`t call the other dragons for help, and Grimmel lets the Light Fury live. Grimmel does this by telling Toothless, “Hold them off, alpha. No reason for her to die, too,” while pointing his crossbow at the Light Fury. Toothless, fearing the Light Fury`s life, uses his body language to show he chooses the latter option, simply by holding off the other dragons. However, it`s very likely Grimmel was planning to kill the Light Fury anyway later on, due to his delusions about killing dragons.

*He betrays the Warlords by revealing his true intentions to kill Toothless instead of surrendering him to them, proving that he is more evil than them.

*He, in his final moments and knowing he is likely going to die, tries to kill Hiccup after the latter knocks him off the Light Fury, grabbing his prosthetic leg to take him down with him. He also angrily tears Hiccup`s flight suit armor wings and other parts of his armor before Hiccup takes off his prosthetic leg to separate himself from Grimmel. The Light Fury saves Hiccup and leaves Grimmel to plunge into the water at terminal velocity, finally killing him and ending his threat for good.


(Does the villain use every resource they have at their disposal to cause a maximum of evil?)

Grimmel is very sagacious and calculating and has tons of weapons in his behalf, and he uses all of his resources to his advantage.


(Does the villain have an agency over their actions, and can distinguish right from wrong?)

Grimmel very clearly has a moral agency, as he is a human who is delusional and sadistic enough to attempt genocide on all dragons.


Grimmel passes this easily, as he is a single person.


(Is the villain completely devoid of any altruistic quality?)

Grimmel, like Drago, is a complete madman and has zero redeeming qualities, being unable to be reasoned with.

Some might argue that he has some sympathy for dragons as he did release two of them. However, any sympathy he may have for dragons is certainly not genuine, as he only released the Light Fury so she can meet Toothless, and made a trap for the both of them so he can kill them. Plus, despite being annoyed with Ruffnut, Grimmel only releases her on a baby dragon so he can track down where New Berk is, and kill all the dragons.

Also, Grimmel is not an extremist nor an anti-villain; he`s more of a delusional creep who is motivated by his own twisted beliefs on dragons. He boasts about himself being the Night Fury killer, and even states that when he killed the Night Fury he captured, he became a hero. However, he never gives an understandable reason as to why he did what he did, so there`s nothing altruistic about Grimmel here.


(Is the villain completely unsympathetic and unforgivable with no Freudian excuse?)

The closest to an excuse Grimmel has is that he got praise from his village for killing a Night Fury, so he decided to kill the rest of the dragons and wipe them out from the world, but this is less a tragic backstory and more Grimmel trying to gain praise.


(Are the villains` worst acts on-screen?)

Okay, so here`s four actions Grimmel`s not shown doing on-screen: (1) killing a Night Fury in its sleep and getting praise from his village for it, (2) killing all but one Night Fury, (3) managing to drug his Deathgrippers into obedience using their own venom, and (4) building the trap for Toothless and the Light Fury.

However, it`s very heavily implied that Grimmel has done so, as he has committed nine MEH crossings, five of which are shown onscreen. Also, action 1 explains how Grimmel became so delusional in why he killed so many dragons, action 2 explains why Hiccup and Toothless were wondering if there were more Night Furies and why Toothless was the last one left (even Eret, Son of Eret thought all the Night Furies were gone for good until Toothless showed up), action 3 explains why the Deathgrippers obey Grimmel with him still wanting genocide on dragons (even the Light Fury was drugged by the Deathgrippers` venom and wearing one of those types of collars aforementioned), and action 4 explains why a trap was made for Toothless and the Light Fury. Furthermore, Eret knows about Grimmel and his handiwork, and met him before. He knows that the needles in the trap are unique to Grimmel, and those same needles are used on the Deathgrippers, which further implies that Grimmel has done actions 3 and 4.

In short, this is very much off-screen villainy with huge on-screen effects.


(Is the villain the worst, or at least one of the worst characters in the story?)

Grimmel is, so far, one of the darkest villains in the franchise he`s in (alongside Drago, another Purely Evil villain), as he wants to commit genocide on all dragons. However, as said before, they both stand out in their own unique ways.


(Is the story “normal”, or purposefully over-the-top appalling? In which case, the Heinous Standards would be so high that it would be almost impossible to have a Purely Evil villain in the story.)

The How to Train Your Dragon animated franchise is pretty much family-friendly, so the storyline is pretty much “normal”. Judging by this criteria, Grimmel`s actions truly stand out.


Grimmel the Grisly is ultimately a true keeper in my opinion. What are your opinions?

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• 3/7/2019
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• 3/7/2019

PE Proposal: Three Finger

So who's Three Finger? Well, he's a mutated cannibal from the Wrong Turn franchise (including prequels) and eats and even kills any human (and animal, if available) on sight, especially if they were unlucky enough to set foot in an isolated, forested area of Virginia. He wouldn't eat his own fellow mutants, but even that doesn't stop his bloodthirsty intentions from killing and eating humans. Also, he's almost virtually invincible, being able to survive just about anything, really (up until his official death in Wrong Turn 3). That shows that he wasn't just a deformed human, he was a near-unstoppable monster beyond belief.

No Sympathy

To start off, Three Finger shows absolutely NO sympathy whatsoever. Even if his son, Three Toes, and his friends, were to be killed, it'll only drive him to sheer insanity, and it'll make him seek and kill humans even more, and relentlessly tracks them down without ever stopping no matter what. And if he were to see human children, don't count on him feeling sorry for them, he sees them as food, simple as that. And he obviously shows no regard at all.

Moral Agency

Three Finger knows what's right and wrong, he simply doesn't care; he considers hunting and killing humans (and animals as well, if available) as his own personal leisure and even if he doesn't speak, he's borderline crazy enough to just brutally murder them and eat their corpses because why not. Those who get themselves lost in the forest are almost guaranteed to be killed in the most brutal fashion at the hands of Three Finger himself, and his clan as well. And his moral agency is made clear as well, hence why he hunts down humans and just kills and/or kidnaps them in the most brutal, gory fashion there is.

And Three Finger is nowhere being intimidated easily either, which was shown in Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead.

Moral Event Horizon

While he's obviously a mutated cannibal, even if he WAS human before, he'd still resort to hunting down humans, even killing, torturing, and eating them, dead or alive. Sure he doesn't just abduct humans and eat them right away, he'll do the same to animals as well (if any, considering there are none). And with many abandoned cars that were found, some even had bloodstains all over them, which obviously indicates that the drivers and passengers became victims at the hands of Three Finger and his clan.

Of course, he wouldn't simply abduct humans if in a public place, which shows signs of intellect and was shown to be following orders by Maynard from Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines; nevertheless, he takes serious gratification in abducting and eating humans, not just torturing them, if given the chance. And he'll go as far as to eat children alive as well.

Heinous Standard

Again, Three Finger is a cannibal, and a brutal, sadistic kind as well and has absolutely no redeemable qualities to show for. In the end, he's a monster who views humans as food and kills them in the most gruesome fashion ever, even torturing them while eating them alive. Even if he wasn't mutated, he'd still commit heinous crimes there is, and gets away with it very easily. And he's impossible to be intimidated and just laughs it off like a sadistic bastard he is (pardon for the swearing).

All in all, I really think Three Finger should be considered PE as such, as he has a clear moral agency, even if he was following orders in the prequels. Before you ask, yes, Three Finger can't be killed, though he's by no means invincible, as he's shown to be killed in Wrong Turn 3, but not before giving Nate a twisted, sadistic grin.

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• 3/7/2019

Locked pages infobox cleanup

Several of the POTC villains pages have been locked for a long time now (such as Cutler and Barbossa), even before the Crimes section was added. I just want to remind the admins to update those pages

And i know that this is not limited to the POTC villains, so if you have any memorye of locking pages Before we updated the Infoboxes, please do.
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• 3/7/2019

PE Proposal: Genjurou Imari


Pupa is a horror manga about two siblings — Utsutsu and Yume respectively — who live by themselves after their abusive father left them and their mother was taken to a mental ward. While walking home, Yume encounters red butterflies and a sickly dog. This causes a change within Yume to develop, and she transforms into a bloodthirsty insectoid monster. in order to satiate her hunger, Utsutsu must be her main source of food. Was adapted a few years back into a 12 episode anime by the notorious Studio DEEN.


Genjurou Imari was the grandfather of Imari Ai (or Maria Imari) who founded the Imari Ishin Facility along with the young prodigy Chiharu Bizen when his granddaughter discovered two of the Pupa monsters. Much like his granddaughter, Genjurou was sociopathic, but possibly more so.


Genjurou had died years prior to the events of the manga, only appearing in flashbacks. However, I feel the flashbacks give enough to define Genjurou's character. Besides being a researcher, Genjurou's passion was painting. But he believed that true art was in suffering. In short? Genjurou adopted orphan boys and tortured them by whipping them senselessly so they could serve as muses to inspire him. He would abuse these orphan boys for years until they eventually died, after which, he would discard of them. Genjurou had done this to three orphan boys before setting his eyes on Shiro Onijima, the father of Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa. He would then spend years torturing Shiro as well as psychologically warping his mind by claiming that those were acts of love.

Eventually, Maria and her older brother, Hotoki, were sent to live on the island due to their mother being terrified of Maria. Shortly afterward, Bizen dashes in, claiming that Genjurou had hung himself. However, when Hotoki analyzes his expression, he has a slight smirk on his face, suggesting that he was the one who killed Genjurou as a way of putting an end to his twisted art work.


No. He was just a pedophile who derived satisfaction from torturing boys and doesn't bat an eye when he unwittingly kills them, choosing instead to discard them like used toilet paper. As for Shiro, while there were moments that he would show care towards Shiro, it's made abundantly clear that he is only doing so to keep him under wrap. Genjurou's sociopathic tendencies extends to even his own family where he doesn't express any love — or any emotion for that matter — for anyone. Not his grandchildren, not his biological child, no one.


So, yes, the heinous standard of Pupa is high with Yume being a mass murdering bug monster and Maria herself not even being heinous enough when I first read through the volumes of the manga. With Genjurou...while he has a small body count of three victims, he of course can't compete with the likes of Yume. However, what I think makes him stand out is adopting orphan children and then systematically torturing them until they literally drop dead all for getting inspiration to paint is a unique crime not replicated by anyone else in the manga. While torture is common in the manga, it is never committed on children.

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• 3/6/2019

Page Re-adding Proposal: Board James

So, this is just an idea I thought I'd present. You don't need to listen to my page and do it. Just hear me out for a bit.

So, when I first saw the Dream Phone page, I saw that it was only for the possibility that it was the killer, and that Board James had one, but it is gone. So, I am here to discuss possibly re-adding his page. You don't need to do so. This is just an idea.

So, to start off, we need to take in consideration his past as the Hangman Killer. Back in BJ World 1, James was apparently a murderer who, as the name suggests, preferred killing people by hanging them. The newspaper clippings in Episodes 26 and 27 say that he ended up getting backstabbed his partners Mikey and Boris, and he was arrested. While there, he read instruction manuals for board games to reminisce on happier times. He ends up getting electrocuted on the electric chair, as seen in the ending of Episode 27.

This is where the series, and World 2 of Board James, begins.

While he doesn't do anything villainous in the first 2 seasons (this was before the story arc was embedded), he starts going insane at the end of Episode 19. There IS also the possibility that HE murdered Mike and Bootsy, but I don't wanna give my thoughts on that and cause a flame war.

While we're on the topic of this, apparently in the AVGN Games episode of Angry Video Game Nerd, Board James says he used a "Get Out of Jail Free Card."

Anyway, Episode 26, and ESPECIALLY Episode 27, is where he really gets villainous. In Episode 26, he forced Mike and Bootsy to play 13 Dead End Drive with him, and he tried to hang Mike, but HE gets hanged instead. In Episode 27, he again forces them to play a game with him, this time with it being Nightmare.

When they (Mike and Bootsy) get killed there, they are then trapped in the Nightmare world. He tortures them, with Mike being tortured via Operation, and Bootsy getting his limbs chopped off with a chainsaw while being hung by a noose.

They also play Candyland there, but nothing SUPER special happens, except that they end up playing ANOTHER board game. There, James is chasing Mike and Bootsy with a spear, and when they die there (as well as in the Candyland world), they end up going to the world of Battleship. There, James tries to shoot Bootsy, but due to an early warning from Mike, he gets away, and James is killed by Mike's torpedo sinking his ship, while in the Nightmare world, James is sucked into a black hole.

Again, just an idea I'd present. You don't have to abide by it.

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• 3/5/2019

Is Brian Irons in the Remake also Pure Evil?

I saw that Brian Irons, a villain from Resident Evil, is under "Pure Evil". But I saw that in the Remake of Resident Evil 2, he has not much screen time and in that time he is not shown doing his worst crimes onscreen. So would he not be Pure Evil in the Remake?

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• 3/4/2019
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• 3/4/2019
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• 3/3/2019
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• 3/3/2019

I don't know about you but when I think about DC they always make the best villain so I want your's

  • The Joker
  • Scarecrow
  • Bain
  • Other put your in the description and might be added soon
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• 3/3/2019

Comedic crimes

So my question is, where the villain kills the hero but in a sort of comedic affect the hero keeps coming back does the crime still count towards them being pure evil? For example, let's say Peter Griffin kills meg in an episode of family guy, but then she reappears in the next episode, in a situation like that would it count against the villain. The main thing I had in mind was Wilkins from Wilkins coffee.

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• 3/2/2019

New crime for cozy glow's list

I think that attempted murder should be added. Here is the reason: she is twilight's assistant. She would have known that the students would be going on a field trip to the sky. It would be an awfully big coincidence that her magic draining took effect at the same time as the students were on a field trip where their lives depended on magic. She could even arguably qualify for attempted genocide, as her actions would lead to the destruction of the crystal empire

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• 3/2/2019

PE Proposal: Gregory Butler

''Story Type?'''

Happy Death Day 2U is the sequel film of the first one Happy Death Day which was a teen horror-comedy about a young woman named Tree who got stuck in a timeloop where she was killed multiple times at the hands of her insane roommate, Lori due to her being jealous of Gregory's affair with Tree. Tree kills Lori and seemingly stops the loop.

However in this film it turns out the reason for the timeloop in the previous film is because Ryan and his friends were building a machine that was altering the flow of time.

In the beginning of the film Ryan initially gets stuck in the loop by an alternate universe version of himself who tries to kill him to stop the loop.

Refusing to shut down the machine, Tree gets blasted to another universe where the loop starts all over again, with just some altercations made to certain characters...

'''Moral Event Horizons?'''

Gregory in this universe is still cheating on his wife but this time with Lori, and is still a major dick but this time he is more of an evil dick so to speak.

He kills Lori and Tree several times in previous loops, and sets Tombs loose inside a hospital not caring about potential collateral damage. When Tombs gets dealt with before he can kill anyone, Gregory goes on a killing spree of his own and kills Carter.

In the final loop, it is revealed that his wife has been participating in his killing. When they are about to kill Tree. He shoots his own wife to death for no reason claiming that he wanted a divorce.

'''Redeeming Qualities?'''

Nope. He is the definition of Hate Sink. He was already a bad person in the original universe, cheating on his own wife with his own student.

Here he is just more dangerous and violent being a sadistic murderer looking to cover up his affair and is more than happy to take the lives of an innocent bystanders to do it.

'''Heinous Standard?'''

Much worse than the original universe Lori. Lori killed four people in this first film, which is kind of low for a slasher film. While she could have potentially caused more damage by releasing Tombs. It is never made clear she intended to use him to kill bystanders. Here it is made clear Gregory is trying to kill everyone in the building, and even does just that himself when Tombs is killed.

How does he compare to Tombs? Well in this film, I Tombs may have killed one or two people but nowhere near as much as the last film. All together Tombs has about seven kills and four attempted. Gregory killing spree I think stacks up rather well, he may not have the exact same amount of kills/attempted kills but his kills are more personal, and killing your wife for the hell of it is a major dick move.

Another thing to note, is this film is a bit more lighthearted than the previous and shifts the genre to more of a science fiction film that just so happens to have slasher/horror elements in.

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