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Susan "Sue" Rodham Sylvester
, Vice President of United States of America, is a major character on Glee. She is the former coach of the McKinley High school Cheerios cheerleading club and founder of the Muckrakers Club and League of Doom as well as the Old Maid's Club and formerly the principal of McKinley High School. Sue was at one point the coach of Aural Intensity, before their loss at Regionals in 2011. She also bullies kids on a daily basis.

Sue is the main antagonist of Glee, and is often seen as the villainous teacher who likes to shake them up. On many occasions she, usually inadvertently, inspires Will.

Sue wanted to destroy the school's glee club, the New Directions, and their teacher, Will Schuester, attempting to bring it down at any cost. After many seasons, she finally let go of her desire to destroy the Glee.  

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