You may have met Jim Moriarty before? Oh, did he leave such a fleeting impression? Well that was rather the point.

Molly knows him, well at least as Jim from I.T. who works with her at the hospital. They're together, or so she thinks. Pity she hasn't realised that he's pretending to be gay. Wasn't the underwear enough of a give away? It is visible above the waistline, very visible, very particular brand.

He has noticed someone though; in fact you could even call him a fan. He even gave this someone his number, thought he might call. Yes Molly's told Jim all about Sherlock Holmes and his cases.

Moriarty you see is a specialist, 'Consulting Criminal' if you will. He's let Sherlock have a glimpse, just a tinsy glimpse, of what he's got going on out there in the big, bad world. He can stop Sherlock though, stop John Watson too, stop his heart just like he did with little Carl who laughed at him. He stopped him laughing, death tends to do that to a person, don't you find?

Oh no, don't be silly, someone else always does the hard work, Moriarty doesn't like getting his hands dirty. After all, no one ever gets to him and no one ever will. Sherlock's come the closest of course, but now he's in his way (yes, that was meant as a compliment, just in case you missed it?)

He doesn't care if people die, that's what people do! He does like to watch Sherlock dance however, but the flirting's over and Daddy's had enough now. He's shown what he can do, even cut loose thirty million quid, just to get Sherlock to come out and play.

So if you want to find Jim Moriarty, take this as a friendly warning; back off. Oh, unless you have a little problem you want taking care of? In which case, all you need to say is, "Dear Jim, please will you fix it for me…."

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