Iron Foot Kid

Iron Foot Kid ready to fight

Yang Yu Han was the true antagonist of the 1979 martial arts movie "The Kid With a Golden Arm." He is portrayed by Chien Sun. 


In his early adulthood, Iron Feeet was a famous outlaw and killer, his fame matched only by that of the Golden-Arm Kid. The comparison was founded,a s Yang Hu Yun could often take on entire clans of men with only his legs, but unlike the Golden Arm, Iron Feet would use weapons when the oppurtunity presented itself. While the two of them never actually met, they were often called the "Twin Fairy Killers". As the Golden-Arm Kid soght to move up in the criminal underworld, the Iron Foot kid faded into obscurity.

Kid with a Golden Arm

Although Yang Yu Han had faded into obscurity by the beginning of the film's action, he was still active in the wordl. At a tavern he kicked 17 martial artists to death, than cut butchered them with swords, as to increase the fame of Swordsman Li-Chin Ming. The Iron Foot Kid also made a crooked deal with the imperial agent of identical appearance, that Iron Feet would hide with the 200,000 taels of gold as they walked transported it thorugh the deadly Valley. As they walked though the valley, Iron Feet would kill any agent who looked into the gold, whic created little suspision, as the Deadly Valley clan hid agents and traps throughout the entire valley. 

Yang Yu Han and the identical double were implied to ahve swithed places sereral times over the course of the film, leaving it vague as to what Iron Feet did and what was his partner.When the Golden-Arm kid had been blinded by Hai To, Jin bei slashed Hai To as Iron feet left the cart of gold. Iron Feet killed Jin Bei so he didn't ahve to split the money or deal with a witness, and fough a battle with the Golden Arm Kid. As Yang Yu Hun tried to kill the Golden-Arm Kid, Hai To attacks him, reveiling taht he was never actually injured, and the slash just cut through a bladder of red wine. Hai To and the Golden-Arm kid than team up  to kill Yang Hu Yun