"Wild" Bill Carmody

"Wild" Bill Carmody was a villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He appeared in progs 48 and 49.



He is the leader of the Badlands Gang, who proceed to attack the roadmaker crew in the Apollo Territory on Luna-One. The entire gang were killed or captured (excluding for the leader, "Wild" Bill) but only after three Judges and the entire roadmaker crew were killed.

Dredd then goes after Bill and bursts through the dome wall onto the moon's surface. Dredd eventually finds his hideout with a camp fire in the Hills of Ipsimus.


He proceeds to attack but was shot and knocked down by Bill, with Dredd furious that he fell for a trap with the dummy inside the hideout. He then starts to choke from a lack of oxygen but he grabbed his lawrod and manages to shoot the communicator switch on his bike and tells bike to go to him. Bill Carmody then gloats about him killing Dredd but Dredd manages to make back to the Luna-City Hall of Justice and resigns from the Judges in guilt that he fell for Bill's trap.

Street Cleaning Squad

Dredd then joins the Street Cleaning Squad but does poorly and was fired. Bill then manages to find Dredd and plans to kill him due to Bill feeling like a fool that he gloated about killing Dredd. After Dredd "begs" Bill for mercy, he was about to executed Dredd until Dredd manages to suck in Bill's gun with his grinder and proceeds to beat him up and tie him up. Dredd reveals that he knew he would never find Bill in his own territory so Dredd pretended to resign from the Judges and bring Bill to him. Bill was then arrested.