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-004 is a robot clone of Cyborg 004 manufactured by Black Ghost. It is an antagonist in episode 32 of the 2001 Cyborg 009 anime, The Cyborg Soldier.


004 was lured into an abandoned German castle by a robot clone of Dr. Gilmore, who had asked him to investigate it due to strange events being reported there. Upon seeing his cyborg counterpart enter the castle, -004 scanned the intruder and attempted to crush him by hurtling rocks at him.

004 eventually comes face-to-face with his robotic clone. Initially having the upper hand, Albert manages to knock his clone to the ground, but -004 quickly gets up and overpowers 004, forcing the cyborg to retreat for the time being.

004 then attempts to sneak attack -004, only for the robot to get to him first and hurtle him across the hall. Albert is then visited by the robot Dr. Gilmore, who informs the cyborg that the robot 004 was created to replace him, and the he must prove himself superior.

004 then fights -004 again, which eventually leads to Albert being slammed against a wall, disturbing a nearby owl nest. -004 launches a missile at Albert, causing debris to fly everyone. Rather than go right and fire his machine gun, Albert sees the baby owlets in danger and chooses to instead save them by protecting them from the falling debris. This action confuses -004, who had predicted 004 would go for his gun. As -004 tries to process the error in its calculation, the real 004 uses this opportunity to attack the robot, firing a missile at it that pins it to a tree. The tree then gets struck by lightning, short-circuiting the robot.

Robot Dr. Gilmore then appears again and states that 004 was just lucky and that this proves nothing. However, Albert sees through the robot duplicate and shoots it, declaring that the real Dr. Gilmore would never use him for an experiment.



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