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0 was a malevolent entity and primary antagonist of The Q Continuum miniseries of Star Trek: The Next Generation novels. 


Q first encountered 0 in his youth, when he asked the Guardian of Forever to show him new and interesting things. Finding 0 he pulled him into his home universe over the objections of the Guardian. They traveled back to the Q Continuum, where the other Q was not too happy over the appearance of this new entity. They ordered Q to act as 0's guardian and Q agreed to accept responsibility for 0. The pair then left to go on a tour of the galaxy.

Encountering the Coulalakritous (later known as the Calamarain), 0 tried to use them to enable himself to travel at warp speed. The Coulalakritous refused and 0 then compressed them into a ball of ice. He intended to compress them into a singularity, however, Q intervened. It would take quite a long time for the Coulalakritous to recover from 0's assault.

0 then had Q help bring Gorgon, The One, and the Beta XII-A entity (aka (*)) into the home universe. 0 and his friends traveled throughout the galaxy, wreaking havoc across space. One of 0's many crimes was the destruction of the T'Kon Empire when he caused the T'Kon home world's sun to supernova.

Eventually, the rest of the Q Continuum engaged 0 and his friends in battle. Gorgon and * were driven off by the Q. When 0 threw an asteroid at the Quaestor, Q opened a portal to intercept the asteroid, which transported the asteroid into a collision course with Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs in the process.

0 and The One were defeated by the Q. The One's head was separated from the rest of his body, then sent to a remote planet near the center of the galaxy, imprisoned until either his sincere repentance or the heat death of the universe, whichever was first. 0 was banished from the galaxy, and the Q built the galactic barrier to keep 0 out of the galaxy. During the thousands of years that followed 0 had gone completely insane.

0 was able to return to the galaxy in the 24th century. There he was defeated by the combined forces of Q and the Calamarain. 0 was exiled outside the galaxy once again, and the galactic barrier was reinforced by the Q to keep 0 out of the galaxy. 0 was trapped in the inter-galactic void, unable to re-enter the galaxy.