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100 Maniacs of the Halfway House, simply publicly known as the 100 Maniacs, in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: the Dream Child. They are the inmates at the abandoned Hathaway House mental institution and are responsible for the birth of the series' main villain Freddy Krueger.


The Hathaway House

The Hathaway House.

In the 1930s, a state asylum known as the Hathyway House was built in the American town of Springwood, Ohio. It served as the home of a hundred criminally insane men.

A decade later in 1941, a religious sisterhood of nuns maintained the asylum. One of the nuns, Amanda Krueger, was a volunteer. During Christmas in the same year, the employees were rushing to get home to their families. They forgot about Amanda and she was accidentally left in the asylum.

For the next few days after the Christmas of 1941, Amanda was beaten and brutally raped by the 100 inmates. Eventually, she was found by the employees. She was barely alive but also pregnant.

9 months later in 1942, Amanda gave birth to a boy. He was named Frederick Charles Krueger and was the culmination of all 100 inmates from the asylum.

The Fairview Hospital

The ruins of the Fairview Hospital.

Eventually, the asylum (under its decommissioned alias "Fairview Hospital") was permanently closed. The fate of the inmates by this point is unknown, but it can be possible that they either remained locked away for the rest of their days or were transferred to another prison.


  • One of the inmates was portrayed by Robert Englund. Ironically, Englund also played Freddy Krueger.
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