3MB (shortened for Three Man Band or 3 Man Band) is a villainous stable that is formed in the WWE from 2012-2014. Since then, the team is no longer together.


Heath Slater

The leader of the group. He orignally had a gimmick that he was the "One Man Band" but decided to form his own group. Heath Slater commands the group and finishes his opponents off with a jumping backwards DDT (dubbed El Minor).

Jinder Mahal

Another member of the group. Jinder Mahal now wears a black headress on his head. His moves remained unchanged.

Drew McIntyre

The power of the group. Drew McIntrye commonly sets up the finish for the match which allows Slater to pick up the win. Drew McIntyre's finisher is the Futureshock DDT.


3MB first formed after Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre attacked Brodus Clay during his match against Heath Slater on an episode of RAW. Slater then decided to from 3MB with the other two and the group will go on win multiple matches against Santino Marella and Zack Ryder (named Team Co-Bro). 3MB eventually lost their first match against The Miz, the recently turned face Alberto Del Rio, and the Brooklyn Brawler. Once after that, 3MB have been commonly used in jobber matches and been used to help get beaten down by other superstars such as The Shield and Big Show.


As soon their theme song, "Three Man Band", plays, 3MB enter the arena pretending to play guitars (known as air guitaring). They enter the ring pretty quickly and continue to air guitar until their opponent(s) come out.


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