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425 is a minor antagonist in Jonny Quest Vs. The Cyber Insects. He is a minion of Dr. Zin


425 is a short brown-haired man primarily dressed in a green uniform with a dark green and orange chest plate, wristbands of the same color, and a spiked collar.


425 is man who follows Dr. Zin out of loyalty, but can be fearful of him due to his master's distaste for failure.


425 had joined Dr. Zin's ranks at some point in the past between the events of Golden Quest and Cyber Insects where he had earned the position of right hand man for unknown reasons.

He was introduced apologizing to Dr. Zin for his failure to hinder the heroes' attempt to sent a rocket to quest station by having the insects sent to Earth hinder it with those insects trying to use smaller ones to carry it out. Dr. Zin, however, rejected this apology, as he cannot allow Dr. Quest to discover his stealth satellite. When he offers to stop Dr. Quest, Dr. Zin rejects this and has him taken away by Cyber Insects for his failure, presumably to be executed.

He is then succeeded by 426 on the warning she does not fail him.

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