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426 is a minor henchman for Dr. Zin in Jonny Quest Vs. The Cyber Insects.


426 is a blonde woman with her hair tied short and dresses primarily in green.


She first appears with 425 & 427 where she witnesses the former get carried off to be fatally punished for failing Dr. Zin.

She gets appointed as his right hand with him warning her not to fail him in killing off the entirety of Team Quest.

Around this time, 427 tells her that Quest Station has been probing their satelites, much to her disbelief as they were protected by parabolic reflectors Quest Station should have not been able to track. This prompts her to use the Trojan Horse Program. Despite 427's protests, she tells the old man to go with it through a satelite. This disrupts 4-DAC's progress painfully.

She reports to Zin what 4-DAC was trying to do and had the Trojan Horse virus installed into his brain. She informs him that they have full controll and he will be able to have 4-DAC carry out any tasks he sets for him.

Just then the reprogrammed 4-DAC reports in as he had taken control of Quest Station's computer and all of its defenses. Dr. Zin then orders him to transfer all the Quest Station data he could into the mainframe of his satelite then activate the self-destruct system for Quest Station. The latter act was delayed due to 427's report of Lab # 10's dedicated research towards Pselliopus Cinctus Anticus and has the robot seek it out.

After the reprogrammed 4-DAC acquires a sample of the Pselliopus Cinctus Anticus, Dr. Zin orders 426 and 427 to make themselves presentable when Dr. Quest and his staff are captured and brought to his satellite.

Once Quest Station has been captured and taken to Zin's base of operations, 426 reports that the stabilizers were secured and the station has been docked. She then equalizes the air pressure on Zin's orders immediately as he anticipates another talk with Dr. Quest.

When Dr. Zin was showing Drs. Quest and Belage the assasinoids he plans to create, 426 reports the pending arrival of Quest Shuttle 2.

Zin then orders her and 427 to activate the targeting program. When Dr. Quest and 427 make their protests agaisnt destroying Quest Shuttle 2, 426 responds that Quest Team will not find them.

Dr. Zin finds this true, but does not reconsider this action as he wanted to kill Race Bannon and company. When 426 tries to prevent him from using the Ion Cannon as it will reveal their position to the world before they can invade it. In response, he has her demoted to the toxo-rhynoid project as a pest subject and dropped her down a trap door.

She is then succeeded by 427.


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