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49er Six is the secondary antagonist in the 2002 action movie Half Past Dead. A ruthless mercenary, her goal is to lead the 49ers - a gang composed of violent thieves - and steal two hundred millions worth of gold bricks stolen by an inmate.

She was portrayed by Nia Peeples.


She was second in command of a group who call themselves the "49ers". They infiltrated new Alcatraz to obtain the location of $200,000,000 worth of gold bricks stolen by Lester McKenna who is the first man scheduled for execution at the new Alcatraz. She was highly skilled in hand to hand as well as firearms combat and killed several guards, officers and some inmates alike.

She was killed when she was shot to death by Special Agent Ellen Williams moments before she was about to stab Warden El Fuego.


A sadistic and overall violent mercenary, 49ers is nonetheless collected, intelligent, deceitful and bold. In fact, she's the evil doppelgänger of Sascha. In addition, she does not really care about her team and only wishes to recover and sell the stolen gold.

Initially perceiving Sascha as a nobody (and even unaware of his existence and role within Alcatraz), she became increasingly ruthless as the special agent became more menacing.

She absolutely has no fears and almost jokes at every threats throw to her. However, she was not insane to the point of being suicidal and fled several times whenever she was surrounded by the heroes.