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Zombies of few words and fewer thoughts, their bows have been looking to "make friends" ever since a plant insulted their hairdo.
~ 80s Action Hero's description.
Lead Singer 2: Now just the zombie.
80s Action Hero: [grunting] (
Love it here and we know you will.)
Backup Singers:
That zombie has a beautiful voice
That zombie is the King of Pop
That zombie has a beautiful voice'
~ The iconic lyrics of Come On Down To Neighborville where 80s Action Hero sings it.

80s Action Hero is a major antagonist of the 2019 third player shooter game Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. He is a zombie daredevil who take part in fighting plants and capturing Neighborville. He is part of the Attack class.


80s Action Hero is a zombie biker who is muscular in his build. He has brown hair, a red headband and a pair of crooked sunglasses below it. He wears a blue denim with a tiger imprinted on the back of it, a white shirt with ripped out sleeves and some unintelligible text on it. He also wears a pair of torn blue jeans with a belt, and a tennis shoe on his left foot and a bandage on his right leg.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bow Blaster: It is a bow that shoots energy arrows that shoots more powerful, but less arrows the longer it is charged.
  • Dynamite Dodge: He can drop a bunch of dynamite dash away in any direction to avoid danger.
  • Rocket Ride: He hops on top of a flotaing rocket and unleashes a volley of missiles at nearby plants.
  • Can't-Miss-ile: He launches a volley of homing missiles at a single target, he can use his Bow Blaster to mark a target and make Can't Miss-ile prioritize one target over others.

Others Appearances

Plants vs. Zombies comics

80s Action Heroes appeared in the Garden Warfare comics to fight the plants alongside Electric Slides and Space Cadets.



  • It was revealed in the comics that 80s Action Hero knows how to use his abilities by watching 1980s movies.
  • 80s Action Hero's overall design is based on John Rambo from Rambo: First Blood.
  • Super Brainz, 80s Action Hero, and Wannabe Hero are the only zombies that are referred as heroes. However, none of them are portrayed to be heroic.
  • 80s Action Hero, 8-bit Zombie, Hover Goat-3000, and the Z7 Imp are the only zombies that have numbers in their name.
    • The Disco-tron 3000 and the Z7 Z-Mech's names also contain number, but since their names refers to the machines, they do not count.



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