8D8 is a minor antagonist in Star Wars - Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.


Built on the planet of the insectoid Verpines, 8D8 was originally a heavy labor industrial droid. At some point, he was lobotomized and reprogrammed to serve EV-9D9's torture chamber in Jabba's palace. He secretly hated his sick twisted evil mistress, though whether or not he regretted the cruelty the palace droids suffered at his hands (or in his case; a metal claw on the left arm, and a rather sinister looking devise on the left) is unknown.

His role in the actual movie is insignificant. When R2 D2 and C3PO are escorted down to the EV-9D9's droid torture chamber by Gamorrean Guards to be sorted; 8D8 is forcibly ironing the feet of a gaunc droid for maintenance, punishment, his amusement, and/or EV-9D9's amusement.  After 3PO is escorted to Jabba's main audience chamber to become Jabba's new interpreter, R2 angrily says something to EV-9D9 in electronic beeps.  EV-9D9 responds; "You're a feisty little one; but you'll soon learn some respect.  I have need for you on the master's sail barge.  And I think you'll fit in nicely.".  R2 then looks doubtfully in the direction of 8D8; who then reseaves a one-time-only close up, in which burns the poor gaunc droid's feet yet again.

After Jabba died; 8D8 was either killed or driven out of the palace (by the mysterious B'omarr Monks of the lower levels) along with the rest of the gangsters, assassins, travelers, crooked officials, entertainers, and servants it played host too.

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