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The Autonomous Peace-Keeping Force (abbreviated as A-Laws), is an independent secret police force, having splintered off the main army, answering only to the Earth Sphere Federation government and the main antagonists of the first half of Season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Their mission is to further unify nations, but their ideals and tactics are a facade of oppression, causing destruction to any nation that doesn't submit to the ESF. This information has been kept secret from the public, but those who knew the truth and rebelled created Katharon.


Granted special powers by the Federation government, the A-Laws have near total authority over all of the Federation's operations. This enables them to reprimand senior regular army officers, regardless of rank. Also, there are officers who are licensed, who can do whatever they please. The total number of mobile suits under their division is 100 units of GN-X IIIs and Aheads although they have complete control of the Federation Army who possess more than 1000 GN-X III's in total.

Also, A-Laws have GNX-704T Ahead which was usually reserved for commanders, team leaders, officers of at least First Lieutenant, and several elite pilots like Mr. Bushido. The Ahead would be used heavily to combat Katharon mobile suits in space and on the Earth. And it is always Ahead mobile suits that led attacks against Celestial Being and the Gundams, in the absence of the licensed officers and their more advanced mobile suits. A-Laws did made of GNX-612T/AA Superbia GN-X which is piloted by A-LAWS members, or licensors with special permissions. Although it participated in many missions, most of its records are considered secret, and the details are unclear.

Though their missions is to implore other nations to join the Federation, the A-Laws are oppressive in their tactics. The slaughter innocents in large masses without warning, place anyone suspected of being affiliated with resistance cells in prison or on high gravity blocks for slave labour. Also, they misuse GN particles to destroy the economy of the Middle East, but the disadvantage of this is that they can't locate Kataron bases. They go as far as firing the superweapon Memento Mori on an entire city. After the A-LAWS' atrocities were exposed with help from Veda, a newly elected Federation president disbands the A-LAWS. When Setsuna was testing the 00 Gundam when it was later salvaged. Unexpectedly, Setsuna/00 Seven Sword G encountered an A-Laws GNX-III unit. It is possible that some remnants of A-Laws units had refused to disband, so the unit was deemed a threat and defeated.


Mobile Weapons


GNX-609T - GN-XIII A-Laws.jpg

The GN-XIII, as its name suggests, is the third version of the Mobile Suit GN-X series. It serve as the main force of A-Laws. One of the GN-XIII's most noticeable weapon is its GN Lance. Its GN Drive Tau is also further improved. The GN-XIII units that are used by A-Laws are painted in red, as for the one usde by Earth Sphere Federation Army, it is pale blue in colour. After the fall of A-Laws, the GN-XIII will continue to be used until it got replaced by more advanced units. Some of its noticeable pilots are Patrick Colasour, Andrei Smirnov and Louise Halevy.

GNX-704T Ahead

GNX-704T - Ahead - Front View.jpg

The Ahead is an advanced Mobile Suit developed and solely used by A-Laws. It is main used by elite pilots or commanders due to the Mobile Suit's high performance, it is often used for search and destroy mission and can carries Automaton Contianer. After the defeat of A-Laws, the Ahead series would be stopped since it symbolizes A-Laws. One of its pilots is Barack Zinin

GNX-704T-SP Ahead Smultron

GNX-704T-SP - Ahead Smultron - Front View.jpg

The Ahead Smultron is a variant of the Ahead series that is developed for pilots that can use Quantum Brainwave. As a result, it features a Quantum Brainwave Interface System to let the pilots to make good use of their superior reflex. As a result, the Ahead Smultron has a noticeable high mobility. Originally, this units was piloted by Soma Peries, after her defection to the Celestial Being, it would be piloted by Louise Halevy.

GNX-704T-AC Ahead Sakigake

GNX-704T-AC - Ahead Sakigake - Front View.jpg

This Ahead unit is solely developed for the A-Laws ace pilot Mr. Bushido. In order to fit the ace pilot's combat style and his obsession towards samurai. This unit is modified to look like one, and is specified in close combat, thus, it has a customized GN Beam Saber. Eventually, the Ahead Sakigake would lose its left arm during a combat with the 00 Gundam, causing Bushido to abandon said unit since he find out the it was outmatched.

GNX-U02X Masurao


The Masurao is a custom Mobile Suit piloted by Mr. Bushido. It is develped from the Union Flag Mobile Suit series, GN-X and some data from the Ahead Saigake. Its GN Beam Saber is also customized to resemble a samurai's sword in order to fit the style of Bushido, thus, its beam saber resemble a katana. This unit also has the Trans-Arm system, thus allowing Bushido to fight Setsuna more easily. Eventually, before the final battle, the Masurao was ungraded into the GNX-Y901TW Susanowo.

GNX-901TW Susanowo


The upgraded version of the Masurao, and is piloted by none other than Mr. Bushido. The Susanowo no longer has the customized beam saber, instead, itwas replaced by two solid katanas that can be combined. Its abdominal cavity also has a powerful beam cannon known as Tri-Punisher. With its high mobility, deadly weapons together with Bushido's piloting skills. It is a powerful opponent of the 00 Raiser. However, it was still defeated by the 00 Gundam.

GNMA-04B11 Trilobite


The Trilobite is an underwater limited production Mobile Armor. It is rather expensive to develop and is heavily implied to be sponsored by Louise Halevy. This Mobile Armor requires two pilots and has GN Field piecing missiles and torpedoes. It has three GN Drive Tau.



The Automatons are drones used by A-Lawss that are used in anti-personal missions. It has machine guns armed on it and is greatly armored to the point that guns are ineffective against them. It can also hacked into defense system to gather information and look for more victims.


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