A-Mortal is an alien villain from the DC comics.


A-Mortal was a white Martian. He was a member of the alien team known as the Hyperclan. A-Mortal and seven of his colleagues came to Earth a few years ago, stating that they were the last survivors of a world that was destroyed. They vowed to never allow such catastrophe to occur again and they allegedly journeyed through space seeking planets that had to be saved. However, this was just a lie to turn the public opinion against Earth’s superheroes.

A-Mortal participated in an effort to terra-form the barren Sahara Desert and turn it into a lush and fertile paradise. He also assisted in the execution of a villain knows as Judgment.

After a while the Justice League realized that the Hyperclan were not benevolent, but the first wave of an entire alien army that would conquer the world.

A-Mortal and teamleader Protex battled against Superman and Batman at the Hyperclan’s hideout, Z’onn Z’orr. A-Mortal destroyed the Batplane with his claws, sending the wreckage crashing down into the snow where it exploded. A-Mortal believed Batman was killed in the crash, while he actually used the explosion to make his escape and enter the hideout unnoticed.

Batman learned of the Hyperclan’s Martian origins and knew they could be defeated with fire. Batman lured A-Mortal into an ambush and defeated him with fire. A-Mortal was the first of the Hyperclan to be defeated.

When the entire Hyperclan was defeated, the Martian Manhunter used his powers to erase their memories, thus forcing them to assume human forms. He provided them with new identities so that they could live as members of the human race.

Powers & Abilities

Martians are capable of shape shifting. They can also bend waves of light around them, making them invisible. They have superhuman strength, speed and endurance and they are invulnerable to nearly all physical attacks. They are also capable of flight and telepathy. Their main weakness is their vulnerability to fire.

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