The A-Team are the top assassins of the Damocles organization and antagonists in the 2019 Netflix movie Polar.


Seeking to kill Damocles' retired assassins so he could take their pensions and make Damocles look more attractive for a buyout, Mr. Blut, the head of Damocles, tasked the A-Team, led by Hilde, with hunting down and killed the retired assassins.

After his plan to have Duncan Visla killed in a job in Belarus failed, Mr. Blut sent the A-Team to kill him instead. The team tracks down and tortures Visla's accountant to get information on his whereabouts, but are unable to find his primary location. After killing the accountant, the A-Team go to each of the four properties Visla was registered to have owned to see if he is at any of them but do not find him at any of the four locations. The team eventually tracks Visla to his residence in a snowy rural neighborhood and heads there to kill him.

Posing as someone whose car broke down, Sindy is able to convince Visla to take her to his residence, where she seduces him into having sex with her. As Sindy gets down to give him a blowjob, Facundo aims at Visla with his sniper rifle and prepares to kill him only for Visla to have anticipated this and push Sindy up, causing her to get hit with the bullet instead. Visla then finishes Sindy off by cleaving her head with a small ax before going out and killing Facundo. Hilde meanwhile goes inside the house to kill Visla but doesn't find him there and is instead sniped by Visla with Facundo's rifle. Karl then tries to kill Visla but Visla kills him instead.

Alexei later went with Vivian (who works for both Duncan and Blut) and returned with an army of Blut's men to kill Visla, but was instead mowed down by him along with the rest of the men by Visla with some high-tech turrets built by Jasmine, Duncan's ally.


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