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NOTE: This article is only for the TV version of A-Train. To see the article for the original version of him, go to A-Train.

I'm A-Train. I'm the fastest f***ing man alive!
~ A-Train.
Maybe I can't turn invisible, but I am the world's fastest man. Like, I can outrun anybody or anything.
~ A-Train to Colby.

Reggie Franklin, better known as A-Train, is a major antagonist in the 2019 Amazon Prime TV adaptation of the highly controversial adult comic-book series The Boys, serving as the secondary antagonist in the first season, as a supporting antagonist in the second season, and will return in the third season.

He is a member of The Seven and currently the fastest man alive. But in reality, he is a corrupt speedster that is highly paranoid about staying on top and do whatever it takes to remain the fastest man and remain in The Seven. He is also Robin Ward's murderer, Hughie Campbell's late girlfriend who seeks to get vengeance on the speedster and the rest of The Seven. Because of this, he also serves as the archenemy of Hughie.

He is portrayed by Jessie T. Usher.



Not much is known about A-Train's past prior to joining The Seven. He was born in 1987 and is implied that he grow up poor during his childhood which explained his ego. At some point, he became a member of Teenage Kix where he entered into a relationship with another member named Popclaw. During his time in The Seven, he abused a chemical substance called Compound V (also the source of his and all the other superheroes’ powers) to maintain as the fastest man alive.

The Boys

Season One

In the first season, while his abuse of Compound V continues, it causes him to accidentally running through and killed Hughie's girlfriend, Robin. The Vought International covers up the incident, stating at a press conference revealing that A-Train was at a robbery and that Robin was in the middle of the street when she died when, according to Hughie, she was one step off the curb. Vought offers Hughie bribing money to keep A-Train's mistake a secret, but he refuses to take it and, after being approached by Billy Butcher, decides to help him plant a bug on the Vought Tower to spy on The Seven (especially Homelander), staging the operation as a requirement of a personal apology from A-Train for killing his girlfriend. As A-Train arrives (still covered in blood in Hughie’s mind), he very lazily and half-heartedly “apologizes” to Hughie (obviously not regretting what he did), which Hughie very sarcastically “accepts” and, exchanging a handshake, joyfully stares him down (the operation, in turn, ends in failure and ultimately results in Translucent’s death by the hands of Hughie).

A-Train then abuses more Compound V as his race with another speedster Shockwave approaches, despite warnings from his girlfriend Popclaw. He wins the race and the Compound V ensures he is, yet again, the fastest man in the world. Despite Vought and his brother, Nathan warning A-Train about abusing Compound V, he continues to do so to heal his leg after it was shattered by Kimiko Miyashiro, The Female. However, the abuse leads him to have a heart attack while he is fighting Starlight and Hughie.

Season Two

In the second season, he is seen in a hospital bed recovering from the fight and is being overseen by Starlight until he surprises her, making a full recovery. However, it is seemingly that his recovery was not fully completed, as he now suffers from intense heart palpitations when he speeds up. Because of these health issues, Homelander kicks him out of The Seven and replaces him with Shockwave. While on the movie set of "Dawn of the Seven", The Deep approaches and recruits A-Train as a member of the Church of the Collective. He is then having lunch with The Deep and Alastair Adana at the renewal center. Alastair asks them both about their thoughts, to which Deep reveals that he thought A-Train was jealous of him and wanting to drown him for the longest time but also admits he doesn't want to feel that way anymore. A-train starts to freak out and tries to leave but stops once Alastair reveals that he knows about A-Train being kicked out of The Seven, his heart condition, and his abuse of Compound V. He also tells him that Shockwave will be the next A-Train, as A-Train is a brand, and Reggie is "just another nobody from the South Side of Chicago”. Alastair then offers to help A-Train get back into The Seven but he must let Deep tell him his truths.

A-Train is now a full member of the Church of the Collective and attends Alastair's birthday party. He gives Deep a pet fish as an apology, which he accepts the gift. Alastair arrives and tells that Eagle the Archer is a traitor. A-Train asks why he is a traitor, Alastair explains that he refused to comply with the program, leaving him even more suspicious about the religious group. A-Train and Deep are later seen in a bar and watching NNC news, where Eagle stating that the Church kicked him out because he refused to cut ties with his mother and claims that they leaked private information to make him look bad. A-Train questions Deep about why he is so quick to turn on his friend but Deep avoids the question and asks the bartender to change the channel to the Congress hearings. As they watch the hearings, people in the courtroom have their heads explode, shocking both A-Train and Deep watching the massacre.

A-Train ended up helping The Boys by giving them leaked information about Stormfront, which was a big help as The Boys had no other idea on how to defeat her. This might show a redemption arc but he mainly did it for personal reasons. Shockwave was one of the people killed in the courtroom massacre, so A-Train returns to The Seven.



  • A-Train is a villainous parody on The Flash.

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