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The Artificial Intelligence Military Squad, abbreviated as A.I.M.S., is a major antagonistic faction in Kamen Rider Zero-One.

They were originally a heroic organization formed by the Japanese government to enforce the A.I. laws and eliminate rogue HumaGears. However, after Zaia Enterprise's buyout of Hiden Intelligence and deactivation of all the HumaGears, ZAIA, the benefactors of A.I.M.S., converted the military squad into a paramilitary force dedicated to hunting down the HumaGears, leading Captain Isamu Fuwa to desert the organization and Technical Advisor Yua Yaiba to take charge.


When first struck with an attack from the Berotha Magia, A.I.M.S. was deployed to contain and put down the threat. While the soldiers of A.I.M.S. dealt with the Trilobite Magia the Magia had spawned, the Berotha Magia was defeated by a mysterious grasshopper-themed Kamen Rider.

Later, in response to continued attacks from, A.I.M.S. was sent the blueprints for the Giger ZAIA had designed to begin manufacturing them. However, during an attack on A.I.M.S.'s base, Horobi and Jin hacked a Giger and used it to go on a rampage until the Giger was destroyed by Zero-One.

After learning the location of's base in the ruins of Daybreak Town, A.I.M.S. launched a raid on the base. The raid saw the apparent death of's leader Horobi, whose deactivated body was later taken into A.I.M.S.'s custody. However, in response to the raid, Jin led a group of Trilobite Magia and rogue Gigers in a massive attack against a nearby city, but his force was put down by the A.I.M.S. Riders with assistance from Zero-One and Jin was destroyed.

However, Jin later resurfaced in a new body and freed Horobi from A.I.M.S. by hacking the AI chip implanted in A.I.M.S. Squad Captain Isamu Fuwa's head.

Later, after ZAIA acquired Hiden Intelligence, A.I.M.S. was effectively converted into their own private military force. A.I.M.S. received a new directive, to dispose of any HumaGears that had survived ZAIA's deactivation of them. The rank-and-file members of A.I.M.S. were all given RaidRisers, enabling them to transform into Battle Raiders. In response to ZAIA's increasing influence over A.I.M.S., Isamu Fuwa left and Yua Yaiba was thus appointed as the new commanding officer of A.I.M.S.

Later on, right before losing his position as CEO of ZAIA Japan, Gai Amatsu severed ZAIA's control of A.I.M.S. and allowed it to go back to being a government agency. The squad also brought a new member on, Naki, a former member of MetsubouJinrai.NET, to be its Technical Advisor.


  • Gai Amatsu / Kamen Rider Thouser - Benefactor
  • Isamu Fuwa / Kamen Rider Vulcan - Squad Captain (formerly)
  • Yua Yaiba / Kamen Rider Valkyrie / Fighting Jackal Raider - Technical Advisor / Captain (formerly) / Commander
  • Eida / Invading Horseshoe Crab Raider - Battle Raider
  • Ono / Invading Horseshoe Crab Raider - Battle Raider
  • Degawa / Invading Horseshoe Crab Raider - Battle Raider
  • Shida / Invading Horseshoe Crab Raider - Battle Raider
  • Eifuku / Invading Horseshoe Crab Raider - Battle Raider
  • Ito / Invading Horseshoe Crab Raider - Battle Raider
  • Naki / Kamen Rider Naki - Technical Advisor


  • ShotRiser
    • Shooting Wolf ProgriseKey
    • Rushing Cheetah ProgriseKey
  • RaidRiser
    • Fighting Jackal ProgriseKey
    • Invading Horseshoe Crab ProgriseKey
  • Giger


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