Advanced Idea Mechanics or A.I.M. is the main antagonistic faction of the 2013 Marvel film Iron Man 3. It is a scientific development organization funded in part by grant of the U.S. Government. However, A.I.M. is secretly a terrorist organization with an army of Extremis Soldiers who lead terrorist attacks led by Aldrich Killian.



Before 1999, Aldrich Killian, who was a science nerd at the time, met Tony Stark, who in present day would become Iron Man. As Killian invited Stark to join A.I.M, he was told to be met by Stark at a rooftop, but in reality, Stark was actually looking at Extremis, a virus being led by Killan and his accomplice, Maya Hansen, who Stark spent the night with. Aldrich, however, was waiting past an hour for Stark, in which Killian thought Stark refused.

Present Day

A.I.M., now successful and led by Killian has been secretly been helping lead terrorist attacks by "The Mandarin", on which The Mandarin terrorizes the United States. He also threatens people to do certain things or else people will get killed. Undercover men, who got infected by Extremis, usually do the threats for the Mandarin alone. Some however, can't control the power it possesses and gets blown up if Extremis gets unstable. The Soldiers did help blow up the Chinese Theater. When Stark, now the superhero Iron Man, found out about the attacks, threatened the Mandarin to come to his mansion. However, soldiers infiltrate and destroy the mansion using 3 attack helicopters, which leads Tony on a path for retribution. Aldrich has recruited more members and is secretly helping The Mandarin as his assistant. The Mandarin does more TV threats, which causes Stark to infiltrate the base of the Mandarin, in which the TV programs are filmed in a behemoth mansion in Miami, Florida. Surprised, Stark threatens the Mandarin, who happens to be a drunk actor named Trevor Slattery, Trevor told Stark that the plans for Killian, who takes on the title "Mandarin" for himself, will be held at the docks, where the President and Stark's girlfriend, Pepper is taken hostage. Extremis soldiers will be helping with the final attack on their goal, according to the TV programs to kill the president. And that Killian will own "The War on Terror".

At the Roxxon Docks, The President is kidnapped by Extremis soldiers, who have infiltrated Air Force One. Stark comes to stop the plan with the help of James Rhodes, a.k.a, the Iron Patriot. All Extremis Soldiers were stopped, as also Killian gets killed by an Extremis loaded Pepper Potts, who was presumed dead. It is unknown if A.I.M is still working or if it has been stopped.


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