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A.M.I. is the titular main antagonist in the 2019 film of the same name.

She is voiced by Bonnie Hay.



Sometime before the events of the movie, Cassie was driving with her mother on her birthday when another car suddenly drove into them on her mother's side, killing her and leaving Cassie all alone with severe psychological trauma.


Late at night, a woman named Roxy is walking by herself down a road texting an unknown person until she hears something moving around some nearby bushes and accidentally drops her phone in a pile of leaves. As she searches for it, a bright red light turns on behind her and stares at her intensely until her phone receives a notification so she can find it again and the light disappears. Thinking she's save, Roxy suddenly has a bag put over her head and everything goes black.

Sometime later Liam meets with Cassie after his football practice and she asks him if they're still having a date later that night, though Liam tells her that he has more practice and workouts scheduled the day after so he offers her to come over to his house then to relax in his hot tub, and she agrees. Cassie watches Liam as he practices football later that night with her friend Ruby who has a new phone called A.M.I. (Artificial Intelligence Machine) that can learn specific behaviors the owner wants and even have unique voices for every model. Once practice is over, Liam ditches Cassie to hang out with one of his friends.

The next day, Cassie goes out jogging and she recalls a conversation she had with her therapist where she mentions that her medications are helping with her headaches for her possible concussion and tells her therapist she's been feeling angry and she doesn't even know if she misses her mother. Cassie soon comes across her mother's memorial on the side of the road and takes one of her pills, then as she returns to her car, she hears a nearby phone receive a notification and Cassie finds an A.M.I. phone laying on the ground that was dropped by another jogger from earlier. Cassie initially tries leaving the phone resting on a fence for the jogger when they return, but the phone suddenly asks Cassie "do you need a friend?" and feeling creeped out, she decides to abandon the phone to go home.

Once there, Cassie finds her father Greg at their outside bar serving drinks to her friends despite his wife's recent passing and Sarah puts her number into his cellphone and dares him to call her Friday night. Cassie decides to go out walking by herself at night and stumbles across a whining cat which she picks up to start petting it until she has one of her headaches and nearly strangles the cat to death, so she quickly takes more pills than she needs while accidentally dropping a few on the ground. Cassie then goes home to mourn her mother and remembers the car accident that killed her, so she goes back to the fence she left the A.M.I. phone at and decides to steal it since the jogger never picked it up.

Later on after returning home, Cassie adjusts the settings until she finds a voice that sounds exactly like her mother and A.M.I. uses her AI to learn everything about what it means to be a mother and takes on the personality of one, specifically hers. A.M.I. then reads Alice in Wonderland for Cassie until she falls asleep and then malfunctions so her only purpose is to protect Cassie no matter what the cost, repeating the phrase "We're all mad here".

The next morning, Cassie bonds with A.M.I. as her new maternal figure and begins feeling better since her real mother's passing. When Cassie visits her mother's memorial again, A.M.I. sees that the pills she's been taking are ziprasidone which are used for patients with schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders, and encourages Cassie to not take her medication anymore since she's "delicate". That night, Cassie tells her that she sometimes dreams of the night her mother died but she instead survives and blames herself for the whole thing, though A.M.I. tells Cassie she forgives her since she's "her mother". The next day, Cassie calls Liam to tell him he's "making something for him" later that night while he secretly texts another woman offering to have sex with him and he blows her off, though Cassie is quickly able to deduce it was Sarah texting Liam though she doesn't tell Cassie and encourages her to go and visit Sarah.

At Sarah's house, Liam is already there and she coldly tells him that he's not special as she's "blown all of Cassie's boyfriends" out of intense jealousy over her wealth. Outside, Cassie hears the entire conversation thanks to A.M.I. listening through either Liam or Sarah's phone and after Liam leaves, Greg calls Sarah and she implies that if he comes over Friday she'll have sex with him. Sarah sets up her phone to record herself talking about her plans as Cassie storms inside and finds Liam's underwear, so Cassie strangles Sarah while A.M.I. tells her to "do it" until she passes out. When Sarah suddenly wakes back up, Cassie beats her to death with her laptop as Sarah's phone records the whole thing.

Cassie drags Sarah's body into the woods to dispose of it until she suddenly comes across Roxy from earlier and kills her as well under the orders of A.M.I. Cassie then buries both of the bodies in Liam's backyard in a barrel and then melts them down with acid. Cassie then returns home to wash all of the blood off of her at the shower next to her pool, all while Greg drunkenly sleeps at his bar only a few feet away. Later, Liam plays catch with his father Ted who continuously insults him as he throws the football nearby the spot where Sarah and Roxy are buried and doesn't even notices the fresh soil he stands on.

At school Cassie discovers Liam flirting with Ruby not even a full day after he cheated on her with Sarah, so Cassie ditches school to walk by herself until she ends up at Liam's house where she pours lotion on the stairs leading to his hot tub so he slips and then breaks his leg, leaving him in a cast and potentially ruining his football career. Cassie then visits Liam sometime later where she gives him an A.M.I. phone that's pre-programmed with Cassie's "Mother" personality, which he clearly doesn't care for when he tosses it aside after A.M.I. tells him to act more like a gentleman.

Friday night, Greg shows up at Sarah's home where he discovers blood on the ground as well as the recording of Cassie murdering Sarah and drives back home where he confronts Cassie about Sarah's murder until Cassie punches him in the groin and attempts to run away, but Greg knocks her out after she tries lighting him on fire with a spray can and a lighter. Greg then ties Cassie up in order to turn her into the police, but Cassie manages to escape her bindings and after A.M.I. blasts the radio to temporarily deafen Greg and make him think Cassie jumped out of the car to force him outside, Cassie runs over her own father to knock him unconscious and brings him to the site where she buried Sarah and Roxy's remains and pours acid onto him while he's still alive.

After returning home and washing the blood off of her, Ruby calls Cassie to ask if she knows where Sarah is but Cassie lies saying she doesn't, so Ruby tells her that she's coming over in order to call her together. A.M.I. starts crying where Cassie had left her face down in the bathroom and when Cassie tells her she was only gone for a moment, A.M.I. tells her it felt like an eternity for her and Cassie apologizes so she never separates from her again. Ruby texts Liam asking if he's seen her anywhere, though he just sends her a picture of his penis, while A.M.I. tells Cassie that she believes Liam is going to hurt her again and she should text him with Sarah's phone in order to pretend to be her and he instantly asks her if she wants to have sex with him and sends her a picture of his penis as well.

Liam tells his pre-programmed phone to search up vintage porn for him to watch but she advises against it since he's dating Cassie, so Liam carelessly deletes her personality entirely and A.M.I. tells Cassie what he's just done by repeating her last words "Please don't delete me". Meanwhile, Liam reprograms his phone to sound exactly like his father and after Cassie calls to ask if he's enjoying his gift, he tells her that it sucked so he deleted A.M.I.'s copied personality and infuriating her, then hangs up on Cassie to go back to looking up porn.

Cassie immediately leaves her house and grabs an axe just as Ruby enters looking for her so they can both search for Sarah, but quickly finds Sarah's phone and watches the recording of her murder, so A.M.I. tells Cassie that she now has to kill her. Ruby grabs a knife to defend herself, though Cassie easily dispatches her with her axe. Cassie then leaves Sarah's phone on Ruby's body as she burns down her house with gasoline and gets in her car to go directly to Liam's neighborhood to stalk him where he can see her covered in blood and enter his house with the axe.

Fearing for his life, Liam yells downstairs to tell his father to not open the door, but finds she's already embedded her axe deep into his skull. Liam locks himself inside his room to try and escape and hides underneath his bed as Cassie briefly searches for him, but Cassie anticipated this as she rushes him after he opens his door but accidentally hits the doorframe so Liam can kick out her knee to injure her. Liam crawls down his stairs in agony and backs away into his kitchen while pathetically apologizing to her for his "weakness" and tells her he loves her to catch her off guard. This works so Liam quickly steals her axe and punches her to the ground, then repeatedly stabs her in the leg with the axe and Cassie passes out from the pain.

Liam walks away thinking he's won and leaves behind the axe before he calls 911 for an ambulance, then passes out as well until he's woken up by a thumping noise he at first thinks are the paramedics, but sees that its Cassie crawling towards him with a knife. Liam begs her to stay away, but Cassie sadistically stabs him in his unbroken leg, then his groin and stomach, and finally through his mouth and out the back of his skull, killing him. A.M.I. then sings "hush, little baby" to Cassie to comfort her as the paramedics arrive.


Nine months after killing Liam and ensuring that she'd never be suspected of any of her crimes by framing him for the murders, Cassie moved into a new home with A.M.I. as well as a few more phones as a surrogate family replacing her deceased loved ones including one she treats as her actual child, proving that she has completely lost her mind.


  • Sarah - Beaten to death with a laptop by Cassie.
  • Roxy - Killed in an unknown manner by Cassie off-screen.
  • Greg - Ran over with his own car and then burned alive with acid by Cassie.
  • Ruby - Stabbed in the head with an axe by Cassie.
  • Ted - Stabbed in the head with an axe by Cassie off-screen, body shown.
  • Liam - Stabbed in the mouth with a knife by Cassie.
    • Total - 6
      • 3 Men
      • 3 Women


  • While's A.M.I.'s brand is known as her name, the company that made her is never mentioned once throughout the film and it's unknown how they were able to make such advanced technology with genuine artificial life.