The A.T.P. (Accelerated Training Program) Engineers are high-ranked soldiers of the A.A.H.W. They are genetically altered soldiers that shed yellow blood and are characterized by the gray face masks they wear. As their name suggests, they possess knowledge of engineering, as well as leadership over lesser ranked A.A.H.W forces. They are extremely disciplined, always working in teams and never back down from a fight, even if the odds are against them. Most A.T.P. Engineers are heavily armed and carry extra ammo.


An Engineer in Madness Combat 8.

The Engineers were one of the new units created as part of the Accelerated Training Program, alongside the A.T.P. Soldats. While Tricky the Clown was busy dealing with Hank J. Wimbleton, the Engineers made their debut when a single Engineer attacked Sanford and Deimos.

After the Portable Improbability Drive implanted in his head was damaged, Tricky gave it to a pair of Engineers to repair. The two Engineers were then killed by Jesus, who promptly destroyed the PID to weaken Tricky and finish him off.

Engineers would appear more frequently afterwards, facing down Jesus during his rebellion against the AAHW and later fighting Sanford and Deimos when they arrived to revive Hank.

Possessed A.T.P. Engineers

The Possessed A.T.P. Agents

The Possessed A.T.P. engineers are a pair of A.T.P.s that were enhanced by the new dark powers of Auditor. Faint black flames appeared around their heads and their eyes turned red and glowing. After they were sent to kill Sanford and Deimos, they succeeded in killing Deimos and wounding Sanford. The two A.T.P. engineers regrouped outside, but died when Hank, who had just undergone transformation into a larger mutant form, threw a tube containing an explosive substance at them. Despite dying, these two gained the Auditor's gunfighting skills, the ability to dodge bullets, and great intelligence. They were able to work as a team very well, using hand signs to communicate.


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