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A.T.P. Soldats are upgrades of the l33t agents and a product of the Accelerated Training Program along with the A.T.P. Engineers. They differ from engineers in that they wear yellow eyepieces instead of masks and have more specialized fighting skills.


Madness Combat 7.5

A Soldat facility in Madness Combat 7.5

During the events of Madness Combat 7.5, Sanford and Deimos attacked a facility manufacturing Soldats.

Two A.T.P. Soldats appeared in an observation room having an online chat session with the Auditor under the screen name "OBSV032." Upon seeing Sanford and Deimos clear a room of agents, they pull our their weapons, a Five-seven and an MP7, and go to stop them. They throw a flashbang and succeed in blinding Deimos, but are quickly killed by Sanford.

At the end of the episode, an A.T.P engineer initiates an upgrade in the advanced Soldat production and released them to fight Sanford and Deimos. They fared much better than the agents and engineers, but were still killed. After this failure, a critical error occurred in the system and the Soldat production was temporarily halted. When the system attempted to recover itself. Deimos planted a time bomb on the terminal and activated it. With the terminal destroyed, the Soldat production was cancelled for the time being.

Madness Combat 9.5

A Soldat - specifically, the first in the series to fight Hank chronologically - and a Rank 1.9 Agent in Madness Combat 9.5

Among the post-death residents of The Other Place were several ATP Soldats, who had presumably ended up there after being killed earlier in the series. Upon seeing one as part of a group of Agents and Grunts sent to attack him, Hank J. Wimbleton immediately taunted it, pointing to his eye to point out the Soldat's missing one. The soldier took offense to this and tried shooting Hank with a Desert Eagle pistol, but Hank quickly put him down.

Additional Soldats later appeared alongside Agents and Engineers as the denizens of The Other Place, and were part of the Retainer's cohort later in the episode, though all of them were defeated.

Dedmos Adventure

A giant Soldat in DedmosRebuilt.fla, having travelled to Nevada from The Other Place along with three giant Rank 1.9 Agents.

On his own journey through The Other Place after being killed by an enhanced Engineer, Deimos encountered and killed several Soldats. At the end of DedmosRebuilt.fla, the last episode of the miniseries, after 2BDamned managed to successfully retrieve Deimos, returning him to the world of the living in Nevada, a giant Soldat armed with a barong machete and three giant Agents emerged from a wall with rock-like bony protrusions emerging from various points on their faces. This indicated that they had followed Deimos when he was revived.


A Soldat in DISSENTER, armed with a rocket launcher.

With a strike team of Agents, Engineers and Soldats approaching 2BDamned's base of operations, 2BDamned managed to patch in communications to a lone Soldat, who was in possession of a rocket launcher. After receiving a message from 2BDamned that read 'We need you to frag the door. It'll totally work :D', the Soldat complied, replacing a stun rocket for a regular 'Spicy' rocket. He then aimed it at the door and fired, taking out the majority of the Strike Team after the explosion triggered a napalm bomb 2BDamned had rigged to the door. After 2BDamned took out the sole survivor, a lone Engineer, he quickly took out a sniper rifle and aimed at the Soldat. Realising something was wrong, the latter used a set of binoculars to search for the source of the message, but 2BDamned shot straight through the binoculars and the Soldat's eyepiece, killing him instantly.

An Experiment

A Soldat and an A.A.H.W. Scientist in An Experiment.

A single A.T.P. Soldat appeared in An Experiment as the apparent bodyguard of an A.A.H.W. Scientist, who was conducting an experiment into what would happen if someone’s hands were moved far away from their body. After the Grunt involved in the experiment transformed into Scrapeface, the Soldat pushed an A.T.P. Engineer - one of two who had previously terrorised the Grunt - into the test chamber, then closed the door. Realising that Scrapeface had likely killed the Engineer, the Soldat went to investigate the commotion, but began glitching violently, having been subjected to Scrapeface’s reality warping powers. He was then assaulted by the abomination’s telekinesis, and was launched into the wall behind him. Upon impact with the ground, the Soldat began bleeding from all over his body, indicating that he had not survived such a brutal attack.

Madness: Project Nexus

The A.T.P. Soldats reappear in Madness: Project Nexus, under the name Agent Mk0. They have high a TAC-bar, making them one of the hardest enemies to kill. They are also faster and dodge more often and move faster, making it difficult to engage them in close combat.

Several Soldats appear alongside A.T.P. engineers in the back rooms during Arena Combat Mode. Zombified A.T.P. Soldats appear in Zombie Arena Mode and are the most aggressive and resistant form of zombie in the mode.


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