AA Abanba is a shaman/orangutan-themed Gorotsuki and is the main antagonist in episode 21 of 1996 TV series called Gekisou Sentai Carranger.

She is voiced by Kazuyo Aoki.


Abanba made her first appearance in Baribarian as the #1 Shaman as she was summoned by Gynamo to capture people on Earth so they could be used as sacrifices. The Bowzock wanted to feed these sacrifices to the "Evil God of Space" in order to bring them good luck (a story Ritchihiker made up to explain his lack of success getting rid of Carrangers).

A while she appeared on the said planet where she'd use her ability to scare living out of a deliveryman. When the team showed up in their vehicles she used her ability to confuse Youko as Abanba teleports on the left side and the right side. During the battle she gains the advantage as she giving the team a wallop. After that she trapped the three men in a cage as she teleport then teleport herself and her captive to the sacrificial ground.

A while later Abanba appeared at the sacrificial ground with Zelmoda and a couple of Wumpers as they began the ritual as they intend to send the three men into space via a rocket.

Once the long ritual is done Abanba light the fused to the rocket as it was about to send the men into outer space, but thanks to the Carnavic that the girls built they managed to save the men in the nick of time and they used it when ever Abanba goes invisible. She managed to make a hasty retreat that's a lot further from the ritual grounds unless of course if she was pelted by a Navishot.

Once she was defeated by a Naviblaster she then ate an Imocho to enlarged herself prompting the team to bring out their RV Robo to battle her as well as the Sirender who managed to join the fight. After that she was then destroyed by this finisher called Racing Slash.

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