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AC-DC was a villain in the Marvel universe.


AC-DC were conjoined twins who were transformed by a reality-bending Warp created by James Jaspers. This warp engulfed the U.K. several years ago. They were tracked down by a government agency called R.C.X. It was said this was for their own safety, while R.C.X. was actually trying to create a superhuman army out of the so-called "Warpies".

Children who were transformed by the Jaspers Warp were taken in by the R.C.X. The conjoined twins AC and DC became part of the Cherubim, the first combat ready squad that was trained by R.C.X.. Several agents feared for the children's safety and started taking children away from the agency. They were brought to Braddock Manor, where they were protected by Captain Britain. During an argument between Captain Britain and the agents, the "Warpies" escaped and started fighting Captain Britain. The Warpies were overpowered easily, but a few of them, including AC-DC, managed to escape. They ended up in London, where they joined Uncle Lex's "Parasites", a Warpie gang. R.C.X. tracked them down not much later, and they were brought back into the agency. The head of R.C.X. was disposed of and the Warpies had a peaceful life.

This new era was sadly short-lived; the ruthless Black Air agency kidnapped the Warpies and started experiments on them. Many warpies didn't survive these experiments, those that did, once again including AC-DC, were saved by Mastermind, the computer intelligence that once looked after the Warpies in Braddock Manor. Mastermind trained them into an army once again, because of his corruption by Kang the Conqueror. Captain Britain led a team of heroes to save the realm, but he was forced to use the power of the Sword of Might to transform all surviving Warpies into normal humans again.


AC-DC could fly at unknown speeds and was capable of generating a potent electrical charge which could be discharged into anyone who was touched by both AC and DC's full arms simultaneously.


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