Abnormal Defense Force, abbreviated as ADF is the central main antagonist of the 2018 American-Canadian science fiction thriller film, Freaks. Their main purpose is to killed anyone who is an "Abnormal", someone who has super powers, which the public degrading refers them as "Freaks".


The ADF is responsible for the mass extermination of people who are "abnormals", in which case they bring anyone who has powers to Modac Mountain in an underground facility to be terminated. The agents can distinguish if someone is an abnormal by seeing their eyes bleed, this is done when they used their powers. They also have UV lights to tell their eyes bled even if they are wiped clean.

While the agency thrives to terminate them, they also seek to recruit the children to use them as weapons. As noted, their powers get stronger from generation to generation.

However, if the situation is called dire, they will deploy a drone strike on wipe them out, even if at the expense of the people who are not "abnormals". They are responsible for the destruction of Dallas due to the complications of the children running loose in the city.


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