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AJ is an arrogant jock, lover rival and the main villain in American Reunion.

He was portrayed by Chuck Hittinger.

AJ has a girlfriend Kara, with whom he wants to have sex, but she always turns him down. Unfortunately, he found out that Kara has a crush on her old babysitter Jim Levenstein, which teased him even more.

AJ spent the whole movie bullying Chris "Oz" Ostreicher, Paul Finch and Kevin Myers. However, AJ was unaware that Jim was married to Michelle Flaherty and has a kid.


AJ is a tall caucasian and young male. He has curly dark-blond hairs, and usually wears a light-grey shirt, black trousers and grey shoes.


AJ is a horrible individual with many problems. He's an arrogant, cunning and egotistical bully, who use deception and trickery in order to have sex with Kara. Despite this traits, AJ knows how to fit amongst others; in fact, he is on of the most popular school's student.

He is excellent in sports, good at seducing women and loves to throwing great parties.

This make him similar to Steve Stifler when he was in high school.