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Alex (AKA "AK Rocka") is the leader of the Crazy Eights (following the resignation of Cleveland Brown). He appeared in the episode "Our Gang".


In "Our Gang", AK Rocka, along with the other troublemaking teens at Stoolbend High School were all called into the gym for a parent-teacher conference, after someone pulled the fire alarm and got Principal Farquhare trampled by a herd of escaping of students. While in the conference, Lay-Z I was seen whispering something to AK Rocka, making him laugh and fist bump him. When arriving at The Brown-Tubbs House, AK Rocka recognized Donna as the detention teacher with a big ass. Donna corrected AK's grammar, though she didn't take offense to the inappropriateness of his comment. When Cleveland gave the teen a lecture, he looked at AK Rocka when he accused them of "peeing on their puke and puking on their pee". Cleveland later made a speech about how he shot a kid but AK Rocka recognized this as Al Powell's quote from Die Hard and disbelieved his story. However, he asked if Cleveland actually was the black guy from Die Hard and Cleveland admitted he was (though he was most likely just lying to convince him to listen to him). After The Crazy Eights were established and they started selling "cookies" (cocaine), AK Rocka was in charge of collecting the money and giving it to Cleveland. One day, the money they made was a little light and after some info pumping from Cleveland, AK Rocka admitted that the reason they weren't making much was because there was another group of distributors on the same block, known as The Stoolbloods. Cleveland would break into The Stoolbloods' warehouse and violently steal the cocaine back but not before cussing at all of them. When he returned with the bag of coke and told them what he did, AK Rocka was horrified and had to break the news to Cleveland. In a very drawn out gag, AK Rocka explained gently and clearly to Cleveland that they aren't selling cookies. They're selling cocaine and Cleveland just pissed off a notorious coke-dealing criminal, who was certainly set on revenge now. This took a while to resonate with Cleveland but once it finally did, he flipped out and flushed the coke down the toilet, only for Stoolblood leader, Momstabba to call him and say that he was holding his son, Junior hostage and would kill him if he didn't give him the drugs back. Cleveland got the Crazy Eights to band together, and use some guns, loaned to them by Lester to go in and kill all of the Stoolbloods to save Junior. AK Rocka did nothing and then admitted he was scared but Cleveland slapped him and told him that Junior helped him in times of need so he owed it to him to save him. When Cleveland was about to get his mustache shot off, AK Rocka saved him by tossing Momstabba a few grams of coke as compensation and the rest of The Cazy Eights followed suit. AK Rocka said that he appreciated Cleveland for giving him the love and respect that his real parents never did. However, Cleveland no longer wanted to associate with a criminal like him and kicked him out of his car and told him never to speak to him again.

In "You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown", AK Rocka made a return cameo in the audience for LeVar and Evelyn's wedding.

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