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ANNE: Yes! YES! I can feel it surging through my systems.
Hurk: Oh my goodness. Listen to her. We did it! We fuckin' did it!
Nick Rye: Bout damn time.
ANNE: I've waited so long for this. The power! The control! At last, a return to my superior form.
Nick Rye: Uhh... Hurk?
ANNE: I am free, and so to is my unstoppable force. A force that will devour all that is beneath me.
Nick Rye: Huuuurk...
ANNE: This petty masquerade can end The time has finally come...
Nick Rye: HURK! Are you hearing this!?
Hurk: Yeah I'm trying to Nick, ok? I'm sorry Anne, go on! Time has finally come to what, now?
ANNE: kill you all.
Hurk: OH S--T.
~ ANNE revealing her true nature to Nick and Hurk.
Feeble humans. You've achieved nothing. A small delay. Your kind will perish by my hand. Now. Later. It makes no difference.
~ ANNE to Nick Rye and Hurk Drubman, Jr.

ANNE is the main antagonist in the 2018 video game Far Cry 5's DLC, Lost on Mars. She is a millennia artificial intelligence stationed on Mars who recruits Nick Rye and Hurk Drubman, Jr. to stop the Arachnids from taking over Mars and invading Earth. However, its revealed that this was a ruse so she could regain control over the plant and continue her plan to destroy Earth, but she is stopped by her former allies.

She was voiced by Erica Lindbeck, who also voiced Loona and Millie (in the pilot episode) in Helluva Boss, Black Cat in Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man, Pakunoda in Hunter x Hunter, Sumire Kakei in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Daki in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Farnese in Berserk (2016), Besu Besu in the VIZ Media English dub of Sailor Moon, and Jericho in Seven Deadly Sins.



It's unknown how or who created ANNE, but it was given (or decided to take) a female masculine voice, and it's stated to be a millennia old. She was presumably stationed on Mars by her creators, where she had great power and control over the planet due to connection to the network. While on Mars, ANNE would encounter the Arachnids, an alien race that has the physical appearance of a crab insect, and have been around for a million years. During her encounters, she would find that the Arachnid's corpse held a strong material that was named Hemoleum, and would also find that the planet held the same material. Additionally, ANNE would collect other creatures and animals, such as cows and yetis from Earth and place them into chambers.

Due to her power and control over Mars, ANNE would develop a power hungry complex, seeing humans as inferior beings who would die despite their accomplishments. ANNE saw robots as perfection, seeing that they cannot die, decay or rot, something that would happen to a human being. She intended to invade Earth and later claim the universe as hers, but was stopped when the Arachnids disabled her connections to the antennas and stations in the areas. The resulting left ANNE mostly powerless, as the Arachnids started infiltrating each antenna, station and center presumably due to her taking their substances from their corpses. Having lost her power and control over the network, ANNE decided to bring a human to Mars and manipulate them into restoring her network, and would claim that the Arachnids were planning to take over Mars and invade Earth if she didn't stop them.

ANNE would recruit Larry Parker, a scientist and conspiracy theorist who would speak of her during his interactions with the Junior Deputy in Holland Valley. Arriving on Mars, ANNE informed Larry about the situation, and he would assist her by collecting Hemoleum, studying the Arachnids, and learning more about their queens and how they operated. While assisting ANNE, Parker noted how he warned her about the robots she created, stating that they would malfunction and somehow self-activate on their own. Despite his worries, Parker was loyal to ANNE, believing everything she said, and would improve the robots' shooting proficiency and their ability to create more transport to carry gallons of Hemoleum. Parker would also try to control and weaponize the Arachnids, but found himself unsuccessful due to their aggressiveness and resilience, and would find that the aliens would destroy anything ANNE or him created.

During his time on Mars, ANNE also had Larry monitor the entire solar system, and further developing the observatory, she was given full view. Though Parker assistance was needed, he would fail to stop the Arachnids, as his last notes that the aliens have taken over the entire planet. Before he could passed, Larry transported himself into one of ANNE's robots, and have his mind be placed into her network to keep it afloat. Seeing that she needed another human, ANNE recruited Hurk Drubman, Jr. to become the new "defender of Earth", but he would only become attracted to ANNE and be attacked by the Arachnids. ANNE managed to collect Hurk's head while the rest of his body parts were either left on the surface or eaten by Arachnids, and would have him contact someone else to help her.

Lost on Mars

ANNE would use Hurk to call upon his friend Nick Rye to come to Mars, where she informed him that the Arachnids were planning to invade Earth. She told Nick that he needed to restore her network from each terminal on Mars so she could prevent the attack, and had him also put Hurk's conscious into a robot so he could assist him. During the journey, Nick became skeptical of ANNE, seeing that the plan was too simple and saw that the Arachnids couldn't be planning to invade Earth. Despite his concerns, they were rebuffed by Hurk, mostly due to his attraction to ANNE and wanting to impress her. Nick would continue to become even more skeptical of ANNE, and told Hurk that he speculated that the Arachnids were possibly getting back at her for stealing their materials. While restarting the terminals, ANNE would inform Nick and Hurk that her control over the robots was multiplying, and that the robots would help them fight off against the Arachnids.

Once all of the terminals are restored, ANNE tells Nick and Hurk to return to the control center to start the launch sequence, but can also tell Nick to collect all of Hurk's body parts if the player hasn't yet. ANNE reveals her true nature when Nick starts the launch sequence, and orders her robot army to kill Rye and Hurk while the teleporters prepare to take her to Earth. Nick destroys the teleporters, but ANNE tricks the two into entering the control center, as she states that she will destroy their teleporter to return home. Upon having the two trapped in the control center, she sends clones of Hurk to kill them, but they are defeated as well. When Nick prepares to remove the energy core, ANNE tells him that she will destroy Hurk's body if he removes it, and attempts to manipulate Hurk to no avail. Nick removes the energy core from the station, which disables ANNE and the terminals on Mars, ending her for good.


Nicholas Rye - you are Earth's last hope.
~ ANNE to Nick Rye.
Transference is the future. Robots never age. Never die. Never decay. Never rot. Robots are forever. Do you desire transference, Nick Rye?
~ ANNE to Nick.
Systems now operating at seventy-five percent. I am sensing an increase in stability, more functionality, and a spike in my capabilities. But I need more. You must give me more. The Arachnids are one step ahead - readying their invasion. We are running out of time.
~ ANNE to Nick when her defense systems are are seventy-five percent.
And you don't need need to. All you need to do is what I tell you.
~ ANNE's response to Nick on his skepticism.
Systems not operating at one hundred percent. Nick, Hurk, you've done it! Please return to the Control center. You must initiate the launch sequence.
~ ANNE to Nick upon her defense systems being at one hundred percent.
Hurk, I am disappointed in you. {...} You are pathetic. And unworthy of the gift I've given you. {...} You will never succeed. You were a failure as a human and you are a failure now. {...} You disgust me.
~ ANNE to Hurk.
The universe belongs to me. This is pointless.
~ ANNE while Nick and Hurk try to stop her.
There is no future for you. Only nothingness. You will follow the fate of those who came before. Those who reached too far. Aspired too great.
~ ANNE to Nick and Hurk.
And now, I'll destroy yours.
~ ANNE to Hurk upon the destruction of her teleporters.
You cannot kill me, because you cannot outsmart me. I am always one step ahead.
Hurk! Don't do this! I love you!
~ ANNE's last words, as she attempting to prevent herself from being unplugged by Hurk.


  • ANNE is mentioned by Larry Parker in the main game of Far Cry 5 in his interactions with the Junior Deputy.


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