ARGENT (acronym for "Advanced Research Group ENTerprises") are an evil organization from Champions Online who have been involved in numerous criminal activities, many of which are megalomaniacal in nature - designed to either increase ARGENT's existing power or (more often) to try and reshape the world with ARGENT as its supreme masters.


Some of ARGENT's most notable schemes are kidnapping a young "Protopath" from PSI Inc and forcing her to remake reality with ARGENT as its rulers and the enslavement of many Manimals from Monster Island, which they regard as "filthy animals", despite many Manimals having human-level intelligence and a capability to show fear, pain and other emotions (which ARGENT flat out ignore, regularly abusing them).

In addition, ARGENT are quite happy to use their Cyborg enforcers to disperse protesters who gather outside their base, despite the protesters rarely engaging in violence themselves - this is a type of suppression and shows ARGENT to be extremely intolerant of any opposition.

However, despite their evil, ARGENT may not fully be independent, as at least one member has been shown to be under the mental command of Menton.




Mechassassin is one of the most notable Master Villains from the ARGENT's evil organization. He is a murderous, destructive, and antagonistic mercenary who hires himself out to supervillains.


Smart, good-looking and educated, Craig Vandersoot was a man with a very bright future. He was a major in the US Army, acting as a NATO liaison when he was put in command of a NATO research project to develop a light battle suit to be used by the military. The project was progressing well when it was discovered that this well-respected man had an interesting side job- security consultant for organized crime groups and terrorist organizations. Needless to say, this put a damper on Vandersoot's career. Shortly after this discovery, NATO sent three military police officers to arrest him. After Vandersoot killed the MP's, he snuck into the facility where they were working on the project, stole the battle suit and slaughtered everyone in the facility associated with the project.

Since that time, Vandersoot has been going by the codename Mechassassin and has become rather well known in the mercenary world as "the man who has the ability to get even the most difficult jobs completed". He even still retains his side job as a security consultant, except now he does it for super villains.

Mechassassin was captured in 2007 and sentenced to serve his time in Stronghold Prison. However, when the breakout occurred in 2009, he escaped. He's now free and working with ARGENT.


Master Villains

  • Cyborg
  • Cyborg MK II Prototype
  • Mechenforcer Advanced
  • Mechassassin


  • Combat Engineer
  • Operative
  • Mechenforcer
  • Geologist
  • Doug Reeves
  • Dr. John Stephenson
  • Enslaved Manimal


  • Soldier
  • Counteragent
  • Ambusher
  • Handler


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