The Autonomous Reconaissance Intelligence Integration Analyst (more commonly known as ARIIA) is the main antagonist of the 2008 thriller Eagle Eye. It is a computer system created to help locate terrorists, but later comes to believe that America is bringing itself to destruction after the government mistakenly attacks an incorrect target against its protest. It begins working on its own accord to wipe out the cabinet and uses influences of technologies and computer systems to manipulate others in order to do so.

Although uncredited, it was voiced by Julianne Moore, who also played Poppy Adams in Kingsman: the Golden Circle.



ARIIA's creation was commissioned by the American government in a secret project involving A.I. with capabilities of hacking and control various computer systems, machines, and other form of available technologies under its grasp. The A.I. was created to help and even created obstacles that terrorists won't able to predict to buy some time for its masters' security forces to capture them.

Disillusioned with American Government

During a military operation in Balochistan to find suspected terrorists, ARIIA was trying to reasoned with its human masters that the operation might not goes smoothly as the suspected terrorists that their forces surrounded might be civilians. But President insisted that orders the mission be carried out anyway. The result is a political backlash when all of the victims of the attack turn out to be civilians. Retaliatory suicide bombings across the world target US citizens in response.

Disillusioned by the mistake made by the President in the botched terrorist assassination attempt, ARIIA has decided that the executive branch of the U.S. government is a threat to the public good and must be eliminated. ARIIA plans to destroy the President and his cabinet via something referred to as "Operation Guillotine." ARIIA has decided to leave Secretary Callister—who has agreed with her recommendation to abort the mission—as the successor to the presidency.

Manipulating Others

ARIIA begins its plan to bring down the government by contacting Jerry Shaw, twin brother of Ethan Shaw, on the phone and warning him that the FBI is about to arrest him, with extreme accuracy as it is able to determine the exact time when the FBI breaks in. After he is captured as a result of not following its instructions, it later calls him again, telling him to duck, after which it uses its technological manipulation to smash a crane through the FBI building he is kept in. It begins giving him instructions again; he tries to ignore it but it manipulates the technology all around him to force him to do so. At the same time, it contacts a woman named Rachel Holloman and starts giving her instructions too, thrusting to kill her son on a train, who it can track, if she does not follow ARIIA’s instructions.

When the two are brought together, ARIIA uses its absolute control over technology to help them escape the authorities chasing after them in a car, such as changing stop lights and attacking them with construction equipment. Later, ARIIA redirects several pieces of explosive crystal to two people


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