Aa'une the Oligarch

Aa'une is the former M'arrillian leader who was defeated by Maxxor, Chaor and Iparu



A big floating blue monstrous wormish sea monster, with a slightly humanoid upper body.


Aa'une the Oligarch was the leader of the M'arillians he was the most powerful creature known to Perim.

Later the great Aa'une was defeated when Maxxor, Iparu and Chaor negate the mind control the M'arrillians placed on the other creatures. Right now, many in his tribe are looking for the top spot sparking a civil war in the M'arrillians. Even though Aa'une is defeated, his minions (Milla'iin, Xis'torq, Erak'tabb, Lam'inkal, Phelphor, Ihun'Kalin, Rath'Tab, Ritzu'dag, etc.) are still out there somewhere in Perim.

Aa'une is the ruler of the M'arrillians.

He appeared in episode 23 when he telepathically asked Phelphor about the operation and if Chaor left Underworld city to begin their surprise attack on the Underworlders. In episode 25, Maxxor teleports him to Lake Blakeer (where the M'arrillians' mind-control abilities are negated). In episode 26, Maxxor and Chaor did leave him on Lake Blakeer and discover that Aa'une becames indestructible in the lake. In episode 27, Maxxor, Chaor and Iparu are defeating Aa'une when he assumes his true form: a multi-headed, monstrous sea creature version of himself. Iparu copies his form and Maxxor, Chaor and Iparu (in the form of Aa'une) attack with positives attacks pushing him into Lake Blakeer (which is charged of negative energy doing a explosion which defeats Aa'une). In this episode was revealed that all the M'arrillans powers are from Aa'une. When he was defeated, they stay without power and the other tribes are ready to defeat them.

Some people don't realize but Aa'une in the show is different from the card with regards to the face; in the show, he has a more humanoid face. In the card (you can see the difference on the card Crown of Aa'une), he has a demonic face and claws.

Personality and Behavior

A very power hungry monster, who's greatest wish is to take over Perim and destroy the other tribes.