A typical Aakon.

The Aakons are a lesser barbaric alien race from Marvel Comics and recurring enemies of Captain Marvel.


The Aakons were an aggressive extraterrestrial race from the Milky Way galaxy, that lived on the harsh planet Oorga and were one of the many enemies of the Kree. They have a war-like culture and they are ruled by elder warlords. Their tactics are rather self-destructive as their efforts are focused on destroying the enemy with lack of strategic genius.

The Aakons have built starships with intermediate interstellar capacity. Their technology is slightly more advanced than Earth's. Their homeworld of Oorga is made 75% of deserts and 25% made of marsh and glaciers.

They first appeared in Captain Marvel #8-9 (1968), were a band of Aakons attacked a Kree contingent led by Captain Mar-Vell and Colonel Yon-Rogg on the dark side of Earth's moon. Both sides suffered losses and the Aakon retreated.

In Nova vol.2 #14 the Aakon government allied with the Shadow Consortium and sought the destruction of all human life due to the perceived universal threat of Earth's population of superheroes and supervillains.

The species have colonized various planets like Nycos Aristedes, using the ship called the Kallis Ateratar until they were destroyed by the infamous Annihilation Wave.

In Other Media

  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ego the Living Planet visited the Aakon homeworld and planted one of his seeds on the planet, planning to assimilate it through his expansion. Decades later, Ego combined his power with that of his son Peter Quill, sprouting every seeds he had planted across the universe. Ego's biomass on Oorga growth increasingly causing massive destruction, havoc and the death of many Aakons. However the expansion stopped in time by the Guardians of the Galaxy.