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Aravaros is one of the main antaognists of the netflix TV series The Dragon Prince.


rA mysterious Startouch elf who narrates the show's introduction. He is later revealed to be a powerful wizard, locked away in an unknown location and able to communicate through the magic mirror Viren stole from Thunder.While no friendships between Aaravos and a human have been canonically shown as of yet, a passage in a book Viren tries to read about Aaravos says that unlike other elves, Aaravos saw the potential in humans and was willing to help them be "equal" and even granting them "gifts" to be more powerful than the elves. However he may have his own agenda and also Viren confirms that no traces of his existence ever appearance as if his  information was never found implying he did something terible.

Powers and ablitlies

Aravaros is most powerful wizard  having master six primal Magics.

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