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Ahhh, how long I have waited to hear the sound of another's voice.
~ Aaravos speaking to Lord Viren

Aaravaros is one of the main antagonists of the Netflix TV series The Dragon Prince.

He is a Startouch Elf who wished to give magic to humans in an attempt to have them be on par with, if not surpass the elves in terms of mystic power. Initially, he served as a mentor of sorts to Lord Viren, but events are shaping him into a much greater threat.



Very little is known about Aaravos' personal past, but roughly 1,000 years ago, he was able to obtain mastery over the six Primal Magics. He also came to possess a cube with symbols of the Primal Magics on each side said to be the key to unlocking great power in Xadia which would one day be called the Key of Aaravos. Not long after, he would soon become a master (if not, the inventor) of the life-draining Dark Magic, a taboo power he would share with humanity, resulting in humanity's banishment and his imprisonment and erasure from all historical texts. 

Book 2: Sky

Almost a millennium later, he would play a major role in Viren's warmongering against Xadia. After summoning a caterpillar-like familiar into the physical world, he would use it to guide Viren into swaying the other human kingdoms to his side.

Book 3: Sun

After Viren rallies his forces to march onto Xadia, Aaravos continues to aid and guide him down his path of conquest, leading them to the Sunfire Elf city. It is there that Aaravos kills their queen and takes their greatest power, the Sunfire Forge, for themselves.

After draining enough of the Dragon Prince's vitality at Storm Spire Mountain, his familiar spins a cocoon and metamorphoses into something else.


He possesses pure white flowing hair, deep purple horns, silver eyes with black sclera, and skin ranging from purple to dark blue to black with white stars dotted all over. He wears robes of similar coloration to his skin, with a splash of blue-green thrown in. When introduced, he wore a dark magenta hood that obscured the upper half of his face.

Powers and Ablitlies

Aravaros is arguably the most powerful wizard in the series canon, having mastered the six Primal Magics, seven if one were to count Dark Magic.

Like other elves, he's extremely long lived, as he is roughly 1,000 years old at the time he is introduced. 


He's extremely calm regardless of the situation, such as when Viren threatened to smash his mirror or when he disintegrates the Sunfire Elf queen. He's also somewhat smug, as he speaks to Viren as if he were a child.

According to auxillary material, he may have held a soft spot for humanity, teaching them the ways of Dark Magic so they can hold their own against, if not exceed the elves. Whether he still does or not remains to be seen.

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