Aaron Danzig was a villain in the first season of Gotham. He is portrayed by Kevin McCormick and he takes some elements from the DC villain Amygdala.


Aaron is originally a docile inmate at Arkham Asylum, Aaron was an unfortunate victim of fellow Arkhamite Jack Buchinsky's quest to create a perfect henchmen through the use of crude electrical lobotomies. Unlike Buckinsky's other victims, Danzig lobotomy was successful, leaving him open to suggestion and extremely aggressive. Telling his new partner to kill the guards, Danzig and Buchinsky escape Arkham together.

He and the Electrocutioner was later captured and sent back to Arkham Asylum.


Season 1

  • "Rogues' Gallery"
  • "What The Little Bird Told Him"


Press-releases and IMDb pages of episodes originally suggested Aaron Danzig to be Aaron Helzinger. It was probably so on the early stages of writing and maybe even filming (as surnames "Danzig" and "Helzinger" are very similar and could be dubbed and lip-synced in already filmed sequences with relative ease), but was likely abandoned and changed the last moment, as Aaron Helzinger was largely written into first episodes of Season 2.

  • As such, the Gotham Season 2 Red Band Trailer shows footage of Aaron Danzig from the episode "Rogues' Gallery" to show Aaron Helzinger's past.


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