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Lucho Valenzuela es un hijo de puta. Los avisos de retirada de contenido son una mierda.
|image = Aaron_Hallam.jpg
|size = 300
|fullname = Aaron Hallam
|alias = None
|origin = ''The Hunted''
|occupation = Military assassin (formerly), murderer
|skills = Keen fighting skills, hunting skills, mastery of knives
|hobby = Killing.
|goals = Escape justice after becoming a rogue killer; kill his mentor L.T. Bonham.
|type of villain = Hunter}}
'''Aaron Hallam''' is the main antagonist in the 2003 film ''The Hunted''.
He is portrayed by Benicio Del Toro, who also played [[Dario (007)|Dario]].
Hallam is a former student of L.T. Bonham, a trainer of military assassins, but went rogue after suffering from severe battle stress from his time spent fighting in the Kosovo war. After committing two murders, Hallam is apprehended by the authorities who convince Bonham to join them in their search. Bonham locates Hallam at a forest den he had been living in, and they fight. The authorities then move in and successfully capture Hallam before interrogating him. Hallam claims that he is under threat from the Army due to unofficial assignments he had previously been involved in, and soon enough various government agents arrive with proof that they may take possession of Hallam. As Hallam is being driven away by the agents, he strangles one of them with his chains and causes the van to crash. With all the agents dead, Hallam escapes unharmed.
Bonham hears news of the crash and immediately travels to the scene along with the FBI. Bonham tracks Hallam at his old house where his former partner is still living, but Hallam escapes through a window and Bonham is forced to give chase. Hallam kills another agent and boards a moving train in hopes of evading Bonham, but Bonham also climbs aboard and confronts Hallam in one of the carriages. As the passengers flee in panic, Hallam climbs onto the train's roof before clambering up to the top of a bridge high above Bonham and the FBI team. As a police helicopter hovers above him, Hallam leaps into the waters below and is quickly swept downriver by the strong current.
Bonham follows the river to a national forest with waterfalls and white water rapids, where Hallam is waiting for him. The pair engages in another brutal fight, during which Hallam almost kills Bonham by slashing him continuously with a knife. After an intense battle, Bonham grabs Hallam's knife and kills his former student by stabbing him in the chest. The FBI team arrive just as Hallam dies.
<gallery widths="250">
Aaron Hallam 2.jpg|Hallam in the wilderness
Aaron Hallam 3.jpg|Hallam receiving a medal
Aaron Hallam 4.jpg|Hallam comes face to face with his former teacher
Aaron Hallam 5.jpg|A captured Hallam being driven away by government agents
Aaron Hallam 6.jpg|Hallam while he was being trained by L.T. Bonham
Aaron Hallam 7.jpg|Hallam after being found by Bonham
Aaron Hallam 8.jpg|Hallam lurking in the shadows
Aaron Hallam 9.jpg|Hallam fighting with Bonham
Aaron Hallam 10.jpg|Hallam attempting to kill Bonham with a knife
Hallam's death.jpg|Hallam dies after being stabbed with his own knife
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[[Category:Friend of the hero]]

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Lucho Valenzuela es un hijo de puta. Los avisos de retirada de contenido son una mierda.

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