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Aaron Munroe is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders. He appeared as a major antagonist in 2021 and the secondary antagonist in 2022.

He is portrayed by Charlie Wernham.


Aaron Munroe first came to Albert Square at Walford in October 2021. He was the older brother of schoolgirl Dana Munroe and the eldest child of their father Harvey. When settling himself in the square, it initially appeared that Aaron was a legitimate entrepreneur and white-collar worker who specializes in logistics.

However, it is soon revealed that Aaron is secretly a member of a far-right terrorist group led by his childhood friend Neil Hughes. It also becomes clear that Aaron is a racist who, along with Neil and his fellow white supremacist followers, has developed islamophobia to the point where he even holds a racial grudge against those who are non-white. Furthermore, Aaron had once been attacked by a neighbour named Tamin at his house. He never ran away as his father told his son "hold his ground", and in the end Aaron had grown to believe that the incident was racially motivated.

During this time, Aaron also disapproves of his sister's relationship with her boyfriend, Bobby Beale, due to the fact that the latter had previously killed his sister Lucy. Soon enough, Aaron's resentment towards Bobby escalates as the latter becomes involved in an anti-racist community who oppose Neil's far-right group for their viewpoints.

Sometime later, Neil summons Aaron and requests him to perpetuate a bombing at the disused Argee Bhajee. Aaron agrees to help and forges a romantic friendship with local resident Tiffany Butcher after clashing with her ex-husband Keagen Baker due to him being black. Aaron even attempts to further turn Tiffany against Keagen. Later on when Keagen stands up to Aaron and Neil before humilating them at The Queen Victoria public house, Aaron arranges for Keagen to get beaten up and hospilatized.

Eventually, Neil's plan to bomb the Argee Bhajee is ready and Aaron begins finalizing the stages when Harvey discovers his plan. A scuffle ensues when Harvey attempts to stop Aaron from going through with the bombing. Later on in 2022, however, Neil sends his followers to attack the neighbourhood; Bobby's half-relative Ben Mitchell, his husband Callum Highway, their friend Stacey Slater, and her lover Eve Unwin are among those caught in the crossifre. Ash Kuar, the daughter of Suki Panesar, is also caught in the horrific attack as well. But eventually they are able to fight off Neil's followers, who flee before Ben's relative Honey Mitchell arrives to phone the police on them.

Following the incident, Neil confronts Aaron and accuses him of grassing him up to the police. Aaron then refuses to help Neil anymore, and their friendship ends when Neil threatens him. Later on Aaron plans to flee the square with Dana and plans to sabotage her relationship with Bobby, but is then arrested and jailed after Harvey finds himself forced to tell the police about his son's involvement in the attempted bombing in the hopes of teaching him a lesson.

In the aftermath of his arrest, Aaron seems to have disowned his father and is currently jailed. Later on Aaron's attempted bombling at the Argee Bhajee becomes further critical when a subsuqent incident involving Ben's father Phil Mitchell and a group of bullies leads to the discovery of a boby that is later idenfied as Tina Carter, who had been murdered by local villain Gray Atkins; this in turn exposes Gray as a killer and he is later arrested for the murders of both Tina and fellow victim Kush Kazemi, as well as abusing and then killing his late wife Chantelle Atkins a few years ago.

During this time, Harvey dates single mother Jean Slalter and lamments to her about how the situation has turned out for his son and how Aaron's involvement has impacted the family in general.


  • The character Aaron Munroe was first introduced on 21 October 2021.