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Aaron Price was a juvenile delinquent in the Static Shock series.


Aaron is a teenage boy who hangs out with several unruly crowds. Aaron was in reform school when the Big Bang happened and he wanted to gain powers for himself. When he's released and finds out about his step-brother Dwayne’s Bang Baby powers (the ability to warp reality), Aaron tricks his "brother" to make them to get him free money and other goods from the banks and malls of Dakota.

Static eventually discovers what’s going on and tells Dwayne to stop listening to his brother. While Dwayne didn't believe what Static was saying (and tried to kill him in a rage), Static plays a tape of himself (as Virgil) and Aaron talking. The tape was all that Dwayne needed to hear, as Aaron frequently expressed his dislike of Dwayne in the recording. After Aaron ordered him to kill Static, Dwayne stopped listening to his step-brother and Static stuck Aaron to a wall. Aaron was then arrested and sent to prison.


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