Ab is a villain in the Spawn series.


Ab and his partner Zab are Freelancer demons who possess the ablity to open gates. The duo were hired by Malebolgia to deal with Spawn by summoning Urizen. They encountered 13 people and later killed them to unseal Urizen. The two hightailed it back to New York to take pleasure in sins before Urizen brought on the end of the world. Angela appeared and tortured them for information. When she discovered they had a silence charm cast on them and couldn't speak, she dragged them with her as she helped Spawn battle Urizen. Spawn used his new Greenworld powers to raise trees around Urizen and eventually pull him underground and trap him once more in the earth below. Ab and Zab were terrified of his new powers and finally admitted that Malebolgia had hired them to release Urizen so that he may attempt to overtake Hell while the Armageddon War was taking place. Thinking they were of no consequence, Spawn let the two leave unharmed as he headed to Hell to battle Malebolgia.

Powers and Ablitlies

Being a demon, Ab posses superhuman powers and to open gates.

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