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Excitement at its finest. Abare Killer!
~ Abare Killer's role call.

Mikoto Nakadai is the one who transforms into Abare Killer and a major antagonist of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. He holds the Earth counterpart of the Evolian god Dezumozorlya within him and serves as the figurehead of the Evolians.

He was portrayed by Kotaro Tanaka. 


A brilliant surgeon educated in the United States, Mikoto was a genius who enrolled in medical school at the age of ten. Having never made a mistake, Mikoto was bored with his life until he witnessed the Bakuryuu attacking the city while under the influence of the Evolians, caring for an injured Ryouga Hakua in the aftermath. But the newfound excitement of destruction was halted when the Abarangers arrived and made the Bakuryuu dull in his eyes. But soon, with the destruction of the Anamolicarus, the doctor found both the Dino Minder and the egg of the Bakuryuu TopGaler. Soon after Mikoto left his profession to start up his "game".

Prior to his formal introduction, Mikoto observed the Abarangers from afar and decides to fight them for a kick while mastering the Dino Minder. Though warned that his suit is a flawed prototype of the other Abaranger suits with a self-destruct mechanism that could destroy an entire city, the fact only made Mikoto more excited as he uses the Abarangers' stolen Dino Guts energy to revive TopGaler and recruit the Bakuryuu Stego to their cause.

Eventually, Mikoto assumed leadership over the Evoliens until the events of Killer Giganoid with the Abaranger, where he learned that he had half of Dezumozorlya is within him, which is the cause of his horrible childhood and he decided to change his game to eliminate the Evoliens. He later learned that Dezumozorlya's presence within him is the reason why the Dino Minder did not self-destruct. But once the Dezumozorlya within him was purged, the Dino Minder began to self-destruct as Mikoto and TopGaler flew away from Earth and sacrificed themselves. However, due to SaunaEelGingko attempting to revive Dezumozorlya, Mikoto was revived instead and helped both the Abarangers and Dekarangers kill the Trinoid, returning to afterlife soon after. During the events of Gokaiger, with the Zyurangers' Burai and the TimeRangers' Naoto, Nakadai appears before Gai Ikari and gives him the ability to become GokaiSilver along with the Abarangers' Greatest Power.

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