picture of Abattoir.

Abattoir (real name: Arnold Etchinson) is a Batman villain from the 1990s. He was serial killer believed his family members were evil and ended up murdering them, as he believed he was protecting the world from them. He also believed that the souls of his victims were absorbed into him, after he had murder them.


Abattior born as Arnold Etchinson believed that his family were evil and eventually murdered them. He believed that he could absorb their life force when he killed them. He would later take the name of Abattoir. He would eventually be captured and hold in Arkham Asylum. He would escaped several times and would usually be captured by Batman. The last time he escaped was when Bane set all the inmates free in the Knightfall storyline, which Bruce Wayne's back was broken string the event. He would go on to kill more members of his family.

He would later be tracked down by Jean Paul Valley, who was the current Batman at the time. Valley chased him into a refinery and nearly knocked him into a vat of molten metal. Abattoir was hanging from a chain above, barely able to hold on. Valley instead of saving him, let him fall to his death, horrifying Robin. After this incident is when Bruce Wayne decided to become Batman again.

Later Abattoir would be resurrected by the Darkness Night event. Where he along with many other decreased would come back as black lanterns. Where he would ultimately be defeated, along with the other zombies.

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