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Abbot and Morley are Casey's henchmen in the 1990 film Nuns on the Run. Abbot is played by Robert Morgan and Morley is played by Winston Dennis. Like various characters they are regularly seen together like Jasper and Horace, Harry and Marv and Harvey and Vernon the henchmen of Herman Varnick.

They are first seen with their boss at Norm's death and are later involved in the plan to rob The Triads. For a while the plan seems to work but they are taken hostage by Brian and Charlie who flee with the money as Morley's car explodes and they chase Brian and Charlie shooting at them the whole time. Afterwards they are interrogated by Casey who hires them to kill the duo.

They pursue them to Faith's house but Brian and Charlie escape. They then chase them to the hospital and search for them but to no avail. Morley threatens Sisters Liz and Mary and Abbot is slammed in the stomach by Faith's brother. Their fates are unknown although it can be amused they fled.


Abbot is obese and more thuggish much like Crabbe and less intelligent. He is conscious of his teeth and is usually seen flossing them. Morley is more intelligent of the two. He has fair skin, ginger curly hair and possibly blue eyes.


They are both loyal to Casey but when it comes to Casey's interrogation their answers are "We don't know".. There are no more intelligent than the othewr as they are both equally stupid. By the time Abbot breaks them into Faith's home Brian and Charlie have gone. Also when they see Brian and Charlie outside on the pole they do nothing whilst they could have just shot them.



  • "Ah Mr Casey wants a word with you two boys."
  • "Got any dental floss?"
  • "You'll regret this."
  • "I found them."
  • "We're trying to follow them but Charlie's quite a driver" Over the phone to Casey
  • "Here Faith." Last words


  • "What about Brian and Charlie?"
  • "She part of the plan?"
  • "What did you put in my car?"
  • "Wait a minute. What the hell do you think you're..?"
  • "Quick get down."