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They respond only to the commands of Thanademos.
~ Abbot Thanademos

Abbot Thanademos is a supervillain and an enemy of Iron Fist - he was an evil magician and a cult leader who built his own influential "sect" of people known as the Followers of Thanademos around him with the mystical Tome of Uncoma as the very foundation of the cult based around him.


Thanademos came into the possession of a tome, but he did not know if the magic within the tome worked. He gathered a group of people with tragic losses around him and promised them to bring back their loved ones from their comas. He told them that he would control them, but they accepted this price and helped Thanademos to furnish a base of operations within the closed up St. Mark's Church. The loved ones were brought to the church. Thanademos wrapped them up like mummies and put them into caskets ornamented with runes.

Thanademos sat in front of his "altar" surrounded by his followers and spoke the words from his tome. Soon the former coma patients rose from their caskets and followed his word. Unfortunately his spell also affected Iron Fist who had returned a short time before from a near-death state as well. The hero was drawn to the church and found Thanademos and his cult, but he could not do anything against the control of Thanademos at first.

The sorcerer saw one of the loved ones slip from his mental grasp and saw an Ankh the man wore around his neck as the explanation. He wanted to know from the man's brother and to figure out why this man had an Ankh. The follower told him the story behind it and was really sorry. Iron Fist listened to this conversation and took the Ankh to resist Thanademos as well. At this moment, Thanademos realized the presence of Iron Fist for the first time. Thanademos sent his enslaved thralls and followers against Iron Fist, but when he saw that they were losing, he tried to run away with the tome. He already forged plans to build up an army of near-dead slaves, but Iron Fist did not let him get away. He punched the gong from the altar's wall and it rolled right over Thanademos. The police who heard the fight had already arrived and Thanademos was taken into custody.

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