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Abbott Hayes is the main antagonist in the 2001 direct-to-video horror film Children of the Living Dead. He is a rapist and murderer who returns from the dead and leads his own team of zombies upon a town.

He was portrayed by A. Barrett Worland.


In Abbott's childhood he was sexually abused by his mother and forced to dress up in women's clothing. In adulthood he raped and murdered many women, but was eventually captured and put on death row. But mysteriously Abbott's body disappeared from the morgue. It turns out he came back as a zombie, and leading a team of zombies attacked his hometown in 1987. He held some children at his barn, where Deputy Hughes (as played by Tom Savini) and Officer Randolph investigated. While Randolph escorted the children to safety, Hughes faced off with Abbott but ended up being murdered by him. Abbott then disappeared after the first zombie attack.

Fourteen years later Abbott resurfaced (complete with a horrible state due to decomposing). Spotting some teenagers hanging around his former home, he caused their deaths by stepping out onto the road while they were driving in their vehicle, causing them to swerve and go off the edge of a cliff. After their burial, Abbott opened the caskets and bit each one, bringing them back to life as part of his plan to start another zombie attack. The next morning when someone came across to clean up the mess, he attacked the man, dumped his body in the casket and buried it.

Months later a businessman arrives to move the bodies from the cemetery to a mass grave so he can build a car dealership. This angers Abbott who returns and starts up his new undead army to start a new attack on the town. In the climax he attacks Randolph (who is now the new Deputy) who is forced to get Laurie Danesi (one of the children that was held at the barn by Abbott) to shoot himself. Despite the zombie attack once again being stopped, Abbott was shown to still be at large.

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