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Villain Overview

You stupid old man... You don't get to rush this...
~ Abby before torturing and killing Joel.
You killed my friends. We let you both live, and you wasted it!
~ Abby criticizing Ellie for killing her friends and the fact that she "wasted" her chance to live, even though it was Abby's own fault for killing Joel without telling Ellie why which led her to kill them in revenge.

Abigail "Abby" Anderson is the false deuteragonist, serving as the main antagonist of Naughty Dog's 2020 video game The Last of Us: Part II, she appears as an antagonist of Ellie’s storyline and as the main playable protagonist of her own storyline upon switching from Ellie's perspective in the story. She is a former member of the Fireflies, who leads a small faction of the militant Washington Liberation Front.

Abby is also the daughter of Jerry Anderson, one of the Firefly surgeons attempting to find a cure for the infection. His death at the hands of Joel Miller is what sets her on her quest to avenge her father. When she finally fulfills her mission, she comes into conflict with Ellie, who swears revenge after Joel's death. During her journey, Abby comes across two former Seraphites, whom she protects and forms bonds with.

The character has been regarded as a tragic protagonist, and one of the most polarizing video game characters in the Playstation-exclusive series, where it received both acclaim by critics and backlash by fans. But the voice actor received critical praise and won numerous awards.

She is voiced and motion captured by Laura Bailey, who also voiced Lust in the Fullmetal Alchemist anime series, Tier Harribel in Bleach, Jaina Proudmoore in the World of Warcraft series, Xing Huo in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Catherine in Catherine, Claudia Wolf in the Silent Hill HD Collection, Abigail Walker in Infamous Second Son and Infamous First Light, Fiona in Tales from the Borderlands, Nadine Ross in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and Catwoman in Batman: The Telltale Series.



During the events of the first game, Ellie is already in St. Mary's Hospital where members of the Fireflies were testing her. Meanwhile, Abby searched for her father, Jerry, where he found a zebra trapped in a wire. While Jerry and Owen sustain the zebra, Abby cut the zebra loose. The zebra runs away to meet again with its foal. Owen informs Jerry that they captured Ellie.

While Jerry and Marlene were arguing whether or not to kill Ellie to cure the infected, Abby walks in with food for her father. After Jerry agrees to kill Ellie, Abby gives a situation to him if she was in Ellie's shoes. Later on, alarms sound off in the hospital and Abby looks, armed with a gun. Abby ran to the operating room where her dad was. To her dismay, Abby sees her father lying on the floor, bleeding out to death. Owen comforts Abby when broke down to see her deceased father.


Two years later, Abby has been able to get past her father's death by the helping hand of Owen. However she is unable to let the whole thing go from her mind and wishes to avenge her father at some point in her life. Owen tries to maintain Abby's humanity by making her happy and steering her mind away from her quest for revenge, however he is never successful in getting it out of her mind. Owen brings Abby to an aquarium in Seattle after the now defunct Fireflies have formed into the Washington Liberation Front and have settled their headquarters in the stadium of the city. Owen is able to make Abby happy during their time in the aquarium, even sharing a kiss during their bonding time.

The Last of Us: Part II

Months later, Owen and Abby are on a Ferris wheel in Seattle. Owen rocks the cabin and Abby begs him to stop. She does not want to look at the view near the edge of the cabin. She then makes excuses about why she does not want to sit near the edge, but ends with Owen saying that he always loved her and he jumps off the cabin straight toward the water. Abby, who suffers from acrophobia, holds herself near the edge of the cabin to see if Owen is still alive before deciding to jump in the water. It is revealed that Owen survived the jump and that he found "something awesome". She then follows him towards what he found.

It is revealed to be an aquarium. They swim a bit more and explore their surroundings making various remarks. They find a "theater for fish" and a makeshift dock made from a sailboat. They get inside it and find some drawings made by a child. The two then keep exploring the aquarium and find a large room filled with replicas of sea animals. They head upstairs and find the captain of the boat, now a skeleton with a letter in his hands. It is revealed that the children ran off to join the Seraphites and left their father for dead. Owen find the keys of the boat and they eventually find a large room surrounded by sea animals who are still alive. Abby and Owen then share a kiss before stopping short. She is still filled with feelings of hatred against Joel and they say all their leads are dead. Owen stays in the aquarium while Abby leaves the room.

Quite some time later, Abby returned to the aquarium to find Owen there, and the aquarium filled with lights and music. They keep walking inside the aquarium until Abby finds a purple bow. Owen gives her the bow and a time limit to knock off ten targets. She managed to knock over all of them and Abby convinces Owen to write her name on the board because he is scared of Mel finding out that he was with her. They head into a large room filled with Christmas decorations and a beautiful view of the city. They sit on the couch and drink a bit before Abby finds stockings nearby.

She then reveals that she found Tommy's location, which is a Jackson County|settlement near Wyoming. Abby wants to see the lead through, but Owen tries to convince Abby that the lead may be useless. She managed to convince the others to go along; she also got approval from leader Isaac Dixon to send that many people off base, to Owen's surprise. They then look at the Ferris wheel in the distance as the screen cuts to black.

Some time has passed, and the group makes their way to Jackson. They are sleeping inside a lodge, and Abby wakes up to find Owen gazing outside the window. Owen tells her to follow him as he has something to show her, and the two head to a higher position up the mountain. Owen shows Abby a clear view of the Jackson settlement, and she is astonished that her lead went through. Abby is determined to interrogate the citizens to flush out Joel's location, but Owen is uneasy due to the others possibly wanting to turn back, and Mel's pregnancy. After Owen heads back to the lodge, expecting Abby to meet him back there, Abby decides to take initiative and head towards one of the outposts herself. After being attacked by waves of The Infected hiding in the snow, Abby stumbles upon horse tracks and begins tracking them.

While following the horse tracks, Abby comes across a large number of Runners Severely outnumbered, Abby desperately runs from the Infected chasing her, but eventually finds herself surrounded. As she struggles with a Runner, she is saved by Joel and Tommy, who are out on patrol, and the three prepare to fight off waves of Infected as they try to escape. Once they are able to catch their breath, Tommy and Joel introduce themselves, and Abby does the same, realizing she has met the target of her vengeance. Tommy and Joel realize they cannot outrun the Infected back to Jackson, but Abby mentions the lodge that her comrades are staying at. Tommy and Joel agree to head there on their horses.

The three arrive back at the lodge, and the rest of the WLF soldiers secure their position from the Infected. Tommy and Joel thank the soldiers for their hospitality and introduce themselves, but the tone quickly shifts. Abby suddenly shoots Joel in the leg with a shotgun, and the other soldiers subdue Tommy. Joel asks Abby who she is, and Abby tells him to guess, but Joel doesn't and tells her to just say whatever she wants to say and get it over with, much to her anger. Abby orders Mel to tourniquet Joel's leg, while she grabs a golf club and proceeds to beat Joel with it, telling him he doesn't get to rush his death. Eventually, Ellie arrives, but the others quickly subdue her. Owen, worried about the entire town coming after them, tells Abby to end it so they can retreat. Ignoring Ellie's pleads, Abby looks down at the severely beaten Joel and smashes his head with the golf club, killing him. As the others argue about whether to leave Ellie alive or not, Owen decides to spare her due to her not being involved, and Abby watches as Ellie is knocked out. With Joel dead, and Ellie and Tommy unconscious, the WLF soldiers leave the lodge before reinforcements arrive.

Despite her successful revenge, she was still subjected to constant nightmares about her dad and her overwhelming guilt of killing Joel for the sake of revenge. Her relationship with Owen and Mel also dwindles, as Moore became distant from the two while Mel was still shaken from having participated in torturing Joel.

Weeks later, she was awoken by Manny in the library. Manny revealed that the WLF's leader, Isaac, wanted the pair to head over to the WLF's Forward Operating Base (FOB) to discuss an upcoming attack plan. Abby then got up and proceeded with Manny to the WLF's dining hall. Manny asked her to get their food while he checked in with his father. While there, Jordan called her over and revealed that Isaac was having him and Mike take their platoon over to the Seattle High School to clear it for supplies. Abby wished him well and then proceeded to the food line, where Manny had then cut in front of others so they could head their way.


You don't know me.
~ Abby to Yara.
Hey, you're my people!
~ Abby to Lev.
Don't ever let me see you again.
~ Abby to Ellie after defeating her.
I'm not doing this.
~ Abby to Ellie, refusing to fight her.


  • Abby is the result of the work of three people, those being actress Laura Bailey, who did all the movement and expression capture, Jocelyn Mettler, Naughty Dog's VFX employee who lent her face to the character, and Colleen Fotsch, a crossfit athlete who was the physique model.
  • Despite voice actress Laura Bailey receiving critical praise for her role as Abby, she became the victim of death threats from some fans who were enraged by the character's role in the plot.
  • Abby has severe acrophobia, meaning she is afraid of heights.
    • While playing as Abby, if the player chooses to go near any ledges high up, Abby will become visibly distressed and the camera will pan out upon looking down, indicating her triggered acrophobia and vertigo.
  • Her name "Abigail" names "My father is joy" in Hebrew, which foreshadows her motivation to kill Joel to avenge her father.
  • Before the end of her character arc, Abby can be considered a hypocrite, given how she brutally tortures and murders Joel for killing her father, yet grows angry, frustrated and confused when Ellie (who saw Joel as a father-figure) does the same to her friends, even criticizing her for the fact that she let her live and she "wasted it".
  • Due to Abby's actions and how she is treated by the narrative, Abby became a widely unpopular character in the game even before launch and was one of the game's biggest criticisms by lots of gamers and fans who hated her, though the character and her story have been acclaimed by critics, arguably even more so than Ellie's.
    • Abby's voice actress, Laura Bailey, revealed in an interview that she also hated Abby early in the game, finding her performance terrible, but soon came to understanding and appreciate her.
  • Despite being enemies, Abby shares similarities with both Joel and Ellie:
    • Both Joel and Abby lose a loved one in their lives which causes them to become more bitter.
    • Both Joel and Abby meet a young child whom they grow fond of and protect with their lives.
    • Both go out of their way to protect their loves ones by any means possible
    • Both Joel and Abby are considered protagonist villains, though the latter serves as the antagonist for Ellie's half of the story in The Last of Us: Part II.
      • Specifically, Joel and Abby both kill several people for the sake of protecting their loves ones (Ellie for Joel, and Lev for Abby), the main difference being fans universally love Joel's character while many others vehemently despise Abby, regardless of the fact they both take lives for selfish reasons.
    • Both Ellie and Abby lose their father/father figures and seek revenge for their deaths.
    • Both Ellie and Abby risk losing their newfound families for the sake of their respective revenge quests.
  • Laura Bailey’s husband, Travis Willingham, also voiced in the game as the Large Rattler, a minor antagonist near the end of the game.

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