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Abby Russell is the protagonist villain of the 2013 3D erotic horror thriller film, Nurse 3D. She is a nurse that takes brutal revenge on all men who commit crimes.

She is portrayed by Paz de la Huerta.


Abby Russell is a serial killer murdering men cheating on the women they date. She lacerates the femoral artery of Fred W. Ward and pushes him off the roof, killing him. The next day, during the graduation ceremony of a student, that Abby has been mentoring, named nurse Danni Rodgers. At this, Abby meets Danni's mother and stepfather, Larry Cook. However, Danni is bad prepared for her own job and is berated by her superior, Dr. Morris for her inability to respond quickly to an emergency situation. Abby is disgusted upon seeing this situation, and finds out that Dr. Morris is sadistic towards the new nurses he harrases.

After having sex with Danni, Abby downloads many photos that she took from the last night before leaving to see a psychiatrist, which is revealed to be Larry.

While secuding Larry, Abby says that she's addicted to males, alluding to her past history with her father. After she accepts that Larry is unfaithful to Danni's mother, Abby manipulates him into the car to ride, in where she injects and paralyses him with a norcuron, causing the car to crash and killing Larry in the process.

During Larry's funeral, Danni searches solace from Abby, but this grow Abby to be angry, while Danni says that she'll move in with Steve. Abby comments that she is sure that Larry's genitals were severed in the car crash. When Danni realizes that Abby knows about the car crash despite Danni did not ever tell her the way he died, Danni leaves. This makes Abby to grow angry, deciding that instead of seeking to help Danni, she would now hurt her. She accomplishes this by slowly telling Detective John Rogan into thinking that Danni is mentally unstable and obsessed with Abby.

In the hospital, Abby goes berserk to murder patients and medics and to fight Danni, then she kills Steve.

While Abby rushes home, she is confronted by Detective Rogan trying to arrest her. Seeing her neighbor, Jared, Abby convinces that Rogan tries to rob her. Jared goes out and hits the detective over the head with a bat, killing him instantly. The neighbor is terrified that Rogan is a cop, however, Abby tells him that Rogan is a corrupt cop that Jared shall be abused badly because he is a cop killer from that.