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Strong Ninja Abdad is the World Ninja cover of the uncle of Maira, the princess of the Democratic Republic of Amel, and the antagonist of episode 8 of Sekai Ninja Sen Jiraiya. He conspires to turn Amel back from a democracy into a monarchist dictatorship and payed the Sorcerers Clan to assassinate Maira so he could seize control.

He was portrayed by Wolf Ohtsuki, who previously played Professor Hastler in Daitetsujin 17.


After Maira was selected to be peace ambassador of Amel, Abdad met with Org Ninja Dokusai to discuss hiring the Sorcerers Clan to assassinate her. In exchange for the money Abdad provided, Dokusai agreed to have his ninjas assassinate Maira.

The initial assassination attempt was carried out by Benikiba and a trio of Karasutengu. However, the attempt was thwarted by Jiraiya and Kei Yamaji. While Jiraiya escaped with Maira, Kei fought off the ninjas and disguised herself as Maira to serve as a body double for her while the real Maira was escorted by Jiraiya to safety.

After the failure of the first attempt, Abdad met with Dokusai and voiced his frustrations, but Dokusai assured him that they would succeed. For the next attempt, Abdad accompanied Benikiba and Retsukiba, along with the Karasutengu, in an ambush on Toha and Maira. The Sorcerers Clan attacked them and Abdad revealed himself, but Rei and Ryu intervened and lured them away, allowing Toha and Maira to escape.

Following his identity being discovered by Kei, Abdad and the Sorcerers Clan made a final attempt to kill Maira. While Emiha and Toppa fought off the Sorcerers Clan ninjas, Jiraiya fought and killed Abdad, putting an end to the traitorous uncle's scheming.

Abdad's spirit was later among the evil World Ninjas revived by Madam Spider to take on Jiraiya and his allies. Their spirits were summoned again by Dokusai to enlarge himself.


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