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Abdulla is the main protagonist of the Chick Tract "The Sky Lighter". He was a young Islamic terrorist who was raised to be a suicide bomber, even though he later was introduced to a new way of thinking, but he ultimately chose to die, and take many people with him in death.


Abdulla was born to an unnamed Islamic woman and was raised by his grandmother. His grandmother did not care that her daughter-in-law died while giving birth to Abdulla, she was only concerned if her grandson was still alive. Throughout his life, his grandmother was attempting to mold him into a suicide bomber in hopes of killing off a good chunk of the infidels in the United States. She also talks about how they should slay any non-Muslims and brings up the Qu'ran in order to back her claims up. She also mentions to Abdulla how his father would be proud of him, and told him that he was a terrorist that was being held in prison when he attempted to use a bomb in his robe to blow some place up. Abdulla then stated that he wanted his bomb to succeed and kill as many non-Muslims as humanly possible, and his grandmother reminds him about the reason why Allah created him and his purpose in life is.

When Abdulla was older, he reunited with his old neighbor Yusuf, whom he thought was killed alongside his uncle in an accident. Yusuf then takes his friend to a secret place, and tells him about the accident and how he ended up in the hospital. Yusuf also remembered how the doctors and nurses in the hospital were very kind to him, and how they gave him The Book (you should know what it is by now) to read, and he discovered a way to get into Heaven without killing himself. However, Abdulla's grandmother came in and chased Yusuf away, and his words did not have any effect on his friend. He ultimately chose to go through with his "mission".

A month later, Abdulla goes to a heavily populated American city, and blows himself up, and everyone else with him, using a bomb that was strapped on his back. Instead of seeing Muhammed or the 70 Virgins in Heaven, he instead finds himself about to be thrown into Hell by God, who reminded him about how Yusuf tried to speak some sense into him, and he refused to let his words have any effect on him. And thus, Abdulla will burn forever because of his mistake.


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