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Abekonbe is an Ayakashi armed with the Sujigumonokasane Nagamaki who came into being around the same time as Doukoku, although he serves under Akumaro. He's also the main antagonist in episode 27 of the 2009 TV series called Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

He is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama who previously voiced Boss Kamikaze, a Purse Priest, Ittan-momen, Bomber the Great, Gun General Sambash, Kajimerian Ben G, Hades Beastman Beserker King Glúm do Bridon, a Generator Banki and later voiced the Younger of the Sneak Brothers, Yabiker, Manta Bayarsh, Headwind World and the Great Headwind World.


Abekonbe made his first appearance as he emerges from the bottom of the Sanzu River to offer his aid to Doukoku as he was represented by his master named Akumaro. Able to fire orbs from his mouth, Abekone possesses the power to switch people's souls with inanimate objects as shown he swap the soul of Genta with a sushi heck he even swapped the soul of a jogger with a lamppost.

Once Abekonbe managed to swap the soul with the other residents Kotoha and Chiaki arrived and battle him and as he was about to swap the two souls the rest of the Samurai showed up and battled him. During the battle Abekonbe managed to swap the soul of Takeru with a cookie jar that looks like a cat is waving. As this goes on he managed to swap the soul of Mako with a fan and Ryunosuke with a statue that it looks like its about to pee. After that he left the human realm to re-hydrate himself.

A while later he was at the Sanzu River explaining his plan to Shitari about the humans treating other as inanimate object and by doing so it will eliminate the objects that has the human souls in it as unintentionally kill each other.

He then arrived back in the human world swapping people's souls with inanimate objects, but the remaining Samurai showed up to prevent him to do so. During the fight Abekonbe was about to swap Chiaki's soul with a mail box, but Kotoha forced him to swap souls with Chiaki instead then with Chiaki's soul in Akanbe's body Akanbe's soul that was in Chiaki's body is then swapped with a soccer ball just to prevent the monster from doing from within Chiaki's body. After being forced to mortally wound his own body to undo his spell upon being tricked, Chiaki then used the Secret Analysis Case Inromaru to finished off Abekonbe.

However Abekonbe managed to revived/enlarged himself as a mega monster so the team brought out DaiKaiShinkenOh to battle him after that he is then destroyed by this finisher called Niten Ichi-ryū: Turbulence Slash.


  • His appearance is the basis of the Kasha (火車) of Japanese myth.
  • He's the first of Akumaro's Ayakashi to appear in the series.

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